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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wideym, Dec 12, 2019.

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    At the gunshop I help out at, there is a set of shelves that we have been stacking loose and packaged ammo we acquire from traded in guns and purchases. It has become quite unsightly and I have been organizing calibers, separating full factory boxes from partial ones, and taking partial boxes of the same brand, caliber, grain weight, and bullet type, then combining them into full factory boxes.

    I should be done with it tomorrow and I was told that I could have any loose ammo I want! There is several hundred rounds of ammo I can use (38 S&W, 300 Winmag, 7.62x54r, 7.62x39, 45 Colt, ect...). There is even a couple hundred pieces of brass in calibers I reload.

    It shows that a little initiative and work can be well rewarded and it's nice to be appreciated.
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    Well man,Hate to tell you this ....but it sounds like a bunch of ''junk'' brass....

    But I can help!!! Just mail it in a bulk container to me and it will certainly be disposed of in a safe manner....

    No need to Thank me for this service!
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    No problem, just send me $300 for shipping just in case postage runs a little high. I'll make sure you get all .22lr brass I find.
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    I like 22 brass me !
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    Fired some empty 22 brass out of a muzzle loading cannon one time, didn't pattern worth a da** and as an experiment it was failure, but it was sure a lot of fun, we never did get round to putting it into a sabot of some kind. One of those times the number of beers in the hand exceeded common sense. Love going thru old brass and have found a few that collectors even like, boxes of 30-30 with head stamps and all from very late 1800's. Congratulations on the ammo, never too much.
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    Sweet deal! I could never work in a gun shop because I'd never bring home a paycheck!
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    Snitch: "Mr. SurvivalMonkey, @wideym brought ammo to class!"
    Mr. SurvivalMonkey: "Mr. widem Is this true?"
    wideym: "Yes sir..."
    Mr. SurvivalMonkey: "Did you bring enough for everyone?"
    wideym: "Well, Sir, uh, I, er..."
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    There is actually an story about shooter swedging 22 brass to make 222 bullets during ww2, Im guess same for 223, I believe they used rope lead as the filler, maybe worth knowing.
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  9. 3M-TA3

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    Here is one set of swedging dies: Corbin Rimfire Jacket-Maker Die Set RFJM-22

    I've run across others including one designed for commercial applications
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  10. Fred Huntington did that. That's how we Got R(ock) C(huck) B(ullet) S(wage). The Speer brothers also started that way. I've seen a photo of a Speer .22 cal. bullet with .22 rim fire head stamp still readable.
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  11. 3M-TA3

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    I knew that once and forgotten all about that. Thanks for the reminder!
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