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  1. C.T.Horner

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    Since my home office is offline for a week I thought I would do a free giveaway.
    Corporate Survival The Zombie Apocalypse, and Corporate Survival TEOTWAWKI will be free on Kindle this weekend only. So if you like my writing please take advantage of this free giveaway and go to Amazon to get your FREE copies.

    If you have already read the series and have not yet left a review please take a moment and leave one now.:)

    Thanks for your support as always.[winkthumb]

    Link for convenience.

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  2. techsar

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    Thank you for such a gracious move. Given the quality of your works you should have a huge outpouring of support!

    BTW, hope you get things repaired...those airborn tree parts are a real bear!
  3. Gafarmboy

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    Thanks for your generous offer. I just finished my last hard cover book and was looking to read something new. Downloading now and I will gladly post a review. Thanks again.
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