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    Free lifetime Safecastle Crisis Preparedness buyers club memberships and $25 coupon codes! ...
    Not Too Late: Sept. 2013

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    That was fast...must have been a speed bump.:rolleyes:
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    Do you have buckets of a family of 4?
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    We sell buckets and cases of pouches and cases of cans of various sizes--I think we currently carry 8 or 9 different storage food brands ... well over 100 food listings.

    Not sure what you mean by buckets for a family of 4--for what period of time? Basically, you can simply count calories in a food package (not servings) to arrive at how long it will provide for your nutritional needs. The medical community says that 2000 calories a day is a minimum, average level of sustenance per adult ... that's going to be less than what most Americans are used to, but that's a good total to use per person for survival planning purposes.

    Not sure what your family of 4 consists of ... elderly and very young children need fewer calories, teens and very active young adults need more. Anyway, at the 2000 calorie level, you can roughly figure you need to lay away food bringing 8000 calories a day for your group. Hope that helps.
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    Please check your inbox- thanks
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    Thanks, JC.....finally got off my butt, and took advantage of the free membership offer.
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