FREE Downloadable "Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making"

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    Necessary Requisite.--MEDICINES, OR SCENT BAITS.--Their Great Importance in the Art of Trapping.--CASTOREUM OR BARKSTONE.--How Obtained.--Castoreum Composition.--Recipe for Making.--How Used.--MUSK--ASSAFOETIDA.--OIL OF RHODIUM.--FISH OIL.--Its General Use in the Capture of Aquatic Animals.--Valuable Recipe for its Manufacture.--OIL OF SKUNK.--How Obtained.--How Eradicated from Hands or Clothing.--OIL OF AMBER.--OIL OF AMBERGRIS.--OIL OF ANISE.--Its General Use as a "Universal Medicine."--SWEET FENNEL.--CUMMIN--FENUGREEK--LAVENDER--COMPOUND MEDICINE--THE TRAIL--Its Object and Value.--Various Modes of Making.--HOW TO TRAP.--General Remarks.--THE FOX.--Its Scientific Classification.--The Various American Species.--The Red Fox.--The Cross Fox.--Why so Named.--The Black or Silver Fox.--The Great Value of its Fur.--The Prairie Fox.--The Kit or Swift Fox.--The Gray Fox.--Similarity in the General Characteristics of the Various Species.--Food of the Fox.--Its Home.--Its consummate Craft.--Instances of its Cunning.-

    pdf available in this thread:

    Or offsite:

    Author William Hamilton Gibson
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    Strange I tried getting it in pdf two different ways and it didn't come with the illustrations.

    I actually found it in my library with illustrations though. It's the Project Gutenberg copy somebody linked to recently. It's 12.5MB. If you search the site any other posts for it should come up.

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    Thank you very much
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    Thanks very much
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    Thank you.
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