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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Brokor, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Brokor

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    The folks over at Kelly Kettle USA sent me a courtesy Hobo Stove to give away, and I thought I would make this fun.


    First, allow me to tell you how this item works, in case some may be wondering. If you were to own a Kelly Kettle, the whole concept of cooking food over the top of the kettle itself may have never been your ideal choice to prepare a hot meal. I know I have tried, and I just didn't like it. The Hobo Stove fits inside the base, where the kettle usually rests and you place your kindling. For storage, the stove fits nicely inside the base upside down and nests perfectly.

    This giveaway is for a TREKKER (small) Hobo Stove, which fits a TREKKER (small) Kelly Kettle.

    You can buy the Hobo Stove, currently on sale on the Kelly Kettle website here in the United States if you prefer.


    This will run over the next four days, and a winner will be chosen at random (via on Sunday, the 29th of November, 2015.

    If you wish to be entered in the giveaway, simply respond in this thread with "enter me" and tell me one of your favorite items you like to take with you when you go camping, hiking, fishing, or on any outdoor adventure.

    I will take each user name entered and add it to a numbered list and then use the random number generator for the group size. Shipping is on me, and I am happy to do this.

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  2. Mindgrinder

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    Enter me.
    My fav items to take with me camping, hiking, fishing are beer, drum tobacco, blue zig zags, my dog and a pretty girl if possible.

    If i win this contest because nobody else is smart enough to read the rules...i'll make a video of me cooking sauce of some kind in cast iron on it....while rolling a smoke with blue zigs in front of mah dog with a beer....pretty girl TBD
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  3. Seepalaces

    Seepalaces Monkey+++

    Enter me.
    My favorite item to take camping is probably my cast iron skillet. My favorite item to take hiking is my old trusty backpack.
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  4. Mountainman

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    "enter me". You guys did not post that right to win (" "). Favorite item for cooking when camping is a small rocket stove.
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  5. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    "Enter me" favorite thing to take camping for cooking. Aluminum foil because its so versitile.
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  6. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    "Enter Me" A tarp used to be the must have item but my rain poncho can do all I needed. I have learned I can wear my poncho to protect from rain, wind and it does add warmth. I can undo the snaps and put it under my sleeping bag if the ground is wet. My poncho is small and compact yet big enough so I can shelter under it. I can gather water/edibles in it. At the end of the camping adventure, I can spread the poncho in the trunk to protect the car. It is all about simplify, minimizing and versatility.
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  7. TXKajun

    TXKajun Monkey+++

    "enter me". Gold grubbin' equipment. :)

  8. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    "enter me" my favorite thing to take with me on a hike, fishing, etc. is my Swiss army knife
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  9. AD1

    AD1 Monkey+++

    Enter me.

    Use on a small stream flyfishing for brooke trout with a 4wt Sage flyrod and stopping midday for fresh brewed coffee amd a sandwich.
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  10. hitchcock4

    hitchcock4 Monkey++

    "Enter me"
    I love to take a pair of binoculars. So many things to see, plus you never know when you will need them!
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  11. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    "Enter me". While a poncho is good, and I carry two in my bag, I never venture out into the great outdoors, without my hammock.
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  12. Rocky Road Lerp

    Rocky Road Lerp Monkey+++

    "Enter me" whether hiking or camping I always have a fishing pole and a cold IPA. That way, I always catch something.;)
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  13. hot diggity

    hot diggity Monkey+++ Site Supporter+++

    Enter me. One item that always goes with me in car or pack is a stainless steel kettle with folding handles. It's a little squashed so it fits tight on a Nalgene bottle. It also has gotten a dent in the side that indicates excactly how much water I need to make a pot of rice. I may never eat rice again, but I still use it as my daily coffee cup. :)
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  14. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    Enter Me

    ONE of my favorite items to take with me camping is my Sponge Bob sleeping bag. :D
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  15. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    "enter me". My old sheath knife that is probably older than I am. Yeah, I'm surprised it's not made of flint myself.
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  16. pearlselby

    pearlselby Monkey++

    Enter Me

    Camp Kitchen, fishing poles, 6 man tent.
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  17. TailorMadeHell

    TailorMadeHell Lurking Shadow Creature

    "Enter Me" One of my favorite things to take is my Jeep Cherokee. Hahaha.
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  18. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf Monkey+++

    "enter me" My favorite item to take camping is my dutch oven.
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  19. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    No need to enter me, but I'd be lost without my compass when in the field.
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  20. DKR

    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    How fun.

    Please enter me into your drawing.

    My favorite thing to take along hiking or camping now days is a small HF radio set. Great fun to listen to and while waiting for a cuppa to brew up, a chance to make a contact or two. Out away from town - there is little radio noise, so a good reason to take the set.
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