Free Mountain House Food Buckets and NukAlerts! Week 12 of "Repel the Chaos"

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    The beat goes on. This is perhaps the best value of our ongoing "Repel the Chaos" series of weekly offers ... Week 12.

    November 12-18 Offer:
    Buyers Club Members who make any purchase totaling at least ...
    - $550 will receive a free Mountain House Essentials Bucket
    - $800 will receive the MH Essentials AND Classic Buckets
    - $1100 will receive both MH buckets PLUS a free NukAlert

    Also--thru November, we are offering discounted sale prices on seven family-favorite Mountain House can varieties--for members and non-members alike (while members also receive Royalty Rewards gift certificates for qualifying purchases).

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    I just walked out and looked at the Mountain House I purchased 5 or so years ago from JC Refuge when I bought 30 cases for a few months of comfort. Now that I see what inflation has done, I wish I had purchased 90 cases more!
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    As expected, this offer is setting records for customer response.
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    Storage Food is Flying Off the Shelves ... Backorders at Various Factories Expected


    Consider this a public service announcement and fair warning ...

    Such high volumes of storage food orders are being placed to food suppliers over the last week to two weeks that I am pretty sure we're going into another period when storage foods are going to be backordered at the factory. If you recall last year, that can go as long as 5-6 months in no time at all.

    Why now? You'd have to poll the buyers to be nail it down, but I suspect any or all of these events are being considered as motivation (I doubt that I need to explain more): the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, the election, the fiscal cliff, an erupting war in the Middle East.

    Stay safe.
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