Free 'Obama phone' program expanding to broadband

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stg58, May 28, 2015.

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    Not surprised that "obama net" is next just like there will no surprise when the they have the "obama internet tax" to pay for "obama net"

    How can all the unemployed folks at the riots afford smart phones? Oh yes obama phone provides one, started as a lifeline land line ended up as obama phone smart phones.

    What next "obama laptop"?
    Free 'Obama phone' program expanding to broadband - May. 28, 2015
    Low-income households that benefit from the so-called "Obama phone" program could get free broadband service.
    The phone service has been in place since the Reagan administration but has become politicized in recent years, due partly to the offering becoming known as "Obama phones." The technical name of the program is "Lifeline."

    Talk radio and conservative commentators have become harsh critics of a program that used to have broad bipartisan support. It provides phone service to 12 million households at or near the the poverty line, at a cost of $9.25 per household a month.

    The proposal to expand the service to broadband, which has been under study through a pilot program, would not raise the monthly cost. It is possible that the households which use it for broadband will have to pay part of the cost if it's more than $9.25 a month, according to a senior FCC staffer who briefed reporters on the proposal Thursday.

    The plan also would keep the limit of one subsidized service per household in place, making users chose between a phone or broadband service.
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    Gee, I wonder who's paying for all this?
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    Check the mirror next time you shave. More's the pity --
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    Any idiot can figure this one out.

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    I wonder if Alakschick and I will qualify for "ObamaNet".... Our combined Income is so low, that the U.S. .GOV actually Paid us.... With the "Earned Income Tax Credit" Our Tax Rate last year was -.016% ..... Wouldn't that be a "Kick in the Pants". It would save us $240US per Month if we were able to get it.... Another Liberal PipeDream..... I know what they are Smok'en..... And it ain't Tobbaccie...
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    My reaction still to free phones.

    How come I have to pay for mine!!!!

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    Did you know that you can buy gasoline with EBT cards. Some will actually give you cash. The system is skewed.........and we are screwed.
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