FREE Safecastle Lifetime Buyers Club Membership available today only: 7/22

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    Every once in a while we try to reach out to the folks who need a little extra help in their efforts to get the best prepping deals out there.

    Meaning, today and tomorrow only we are offering the coupon code below for a free lifetime buyers club membership ($49 value) at Safecastle ...

    1. Add the membership to your shopping cart.

    2. As you checkout, use this code in the coupon field: SAVEme and follow thru the checkout process, making sure you click on "Place Your Order" at the end.

    3. Be patient as we need to manually activate your membership. When you receive an email that says "Membership Completed," you are good to login and join 10,000 other serious, like-minded folks who are comfortably building their "cache savings."
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  3. svjoe

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    And guess who just signed up!!!
  4. JC Refuge

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    Welcome aboard, svjoe!

    Free membership available thru today only
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  7. JC Refuge

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  8. DarkLight

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    Worth it folks, take advantage of this if you haven't already. Unlike a lot of other sites, they don't sell your info, the prices are fair (or better than fair), quality is great and the service is outstanding.
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