For Sale Free Shipping: World Famous Kelly Kettle Camp Stoves!

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that we do supply these wonderful products (Click here to Purchase). They are useful for so many different situations (Camping, Power Outage, Emergency needs etc). They use natural bio fuels that you can find laying around anywhere (twigs, leaves, etc) to boil water and even cook food. Here is some information on our Stainless Base Camp Model.

    The Stainless Base Camp Kettle 50001 Kelly Kettle USA can boil approximately 9.5, six ounce mugs of water at a time. It is made to work in all types of harsh weather conditions and can bring water to a rolling boil in just a few minutes. You will never need to worry about running out of fuel because you can use whatever nature has laying around. Possible fuel sources include dry grass, sticks, bark, pine cones etc. This device has been said to be one of the greatest outdoor adventures of all time. It is Eco friendly and carbon neutral. You can even cook food from the chimney while your water boils! Note: The fire bases invert partially up into the bottom of the kettles in order to make the unit as compact as possible for storage and transport.
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    It's my favorite piece of kit. I feel like every hiker should experience what it's like to use a Kelly Kettle. I even used one when I was in Iraq to brew tea, much to the amazement of the Iraqi Army guys who actually used propane stoves and tea pots. I was having my "chai" long before theirs ever made it off the burner. Just a few twigs, and in a couple minutes I was set.
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    Definitely! Thank you for your service! :)
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    seems so. Old post, and the member hasn't been here in a year and a half or so.
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