Freedom isn't Free

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    Freedom isn't - YouTube

    Many have given it us long before we were born. I don't know why they all felt that they had to do it but they did , all we can do is follow in their footsteps and do the best we can to see that they are not forgotten.

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    Freedom comes at a premium.

    The video clip reminds me somewhat of the inscription placed upon the war memorial in Kohima war cemetary.....

    Fourteenth Army (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Freedom comes at a be paid for by installments during peace time and war...those who are not prepared to pay the price when the installments fall due are like to forfeit their freedom to lives of bondage and servitude.
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    Every new generation has to learn the price of freedom lesson. It's one of many things that aren't picked up from predecessor's experiences. (Don't burn your fingers on the stove, baby, it is HOT!)

    Yet the species survives.
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    Even the Lemmings have survived the ages.......
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    They aren't leaping to their death, they are lemming commando's.
    300 LEMMINGS - YouTube
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    Sad part if I were to take my Son And Duaghter to a Vetrains Day Parade I WOULD WIND UP IN JAIL.
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