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    "The more a truth is told, the more it is believed."
    "Freedom starts in the mind, as does authority."
    "An armed society is a polite society."

    1. MUSLIMS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD AT AN ALARMING RATE - MUSLIM IMMIGRATION [This was originally made in 2008 and updated in 2009. The figures are now almost 8 years old. We have what can be called a catastrophe on our hands unless we prohibit muslim immigration. The American culture and society otherwise is doomed to extinction in a relatively short period of time. How do you like that??]

    2. WHY WE ARE AFRAID, A 1400 YEAR SECRET, BY DR. BILL WARNER. [A MUST watch: This is an excellent short presentation of the terrible brutal history and current state of Islam, and illustrates why we need to prohibit Muslims from entering our American culture and nation.. It is also amply described in "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam - The historical roots and Contemporary Threat" by Peter Hammond.]

    3. THE TRUE INTENT OF MUSLIMS, THEY HATE US. THE FACTS. [A 40min discourse on the current state of affairs with the barbaric Islam cult. EDUCATE YOURSELF and be part of the solution to bar muslims from this country.]

    4. AMERICAN WOMAN; HOW TO DEAL WITH MUSLIMS!! CLASSIC!! [3min of straight talk grounded in truth.]
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  3. Bandit99

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    I watched and enjoyed number #4. She nailed it. But, I would like to point out that it is a small minority of Muslims that are doing this. I know a lot of good Muslims. I guess what I am trying to say is I am not ready to condemn the entire Muslim world. In fact, I am quite sure that is exactly what the radicals want us to do. Yes, I'm quite sure. Now, I do have concerns that if forced to choose or, for some, given the choice between the West and Christians and/or Muslims, they will always go with their faith. So, yeah that's scary and a concern but we haven't gotten there...yet.

    I don't think anyone wants a Religious war and I honestly don't know if we could even win one but I think we definitely need to deal with any current threats and any future threats with good plan executed extremely violently because, unfortunately, they understand nothing else. And, those that say these are non-state entities - well - that is true in some regard but they are being funded and assisted by states so in my mind these states need to be put on notice that our tolerance has ended.

    @Mindgrinder This Sean Kennedy gave me a headache, couldn't finish it. What were you trying to say by posting it.
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    It isn't good or evil, right or wrong, but just that in many countries a very small Muslim majority has over time grown into a majority and then destroyed all other religions. They are a very concise focused religious group with a high fertility rate and they do not assimilate into other groups. In 1900, the mid east, old Ottoman empire area was 20 % Christian, in 2000 it was less than 2 % and it has decreased since then. Many of the countries in that area were once Christian and now the Christians are being driven out and destroyed. In some senses the moderate Muslim is more dangerous to our present western culture than the extremist ones. Their desires, Shari law, supreme power being held by the religious elite, social and cultural mores, don't bode well for our long term Christian based society. While YMMV, the real world has not been kind to societies that tried to coexist with a Muslim minority.
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  5. OldDude49

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    you might want to look at history... closely... and then rethink your opinion...
  6. chimo

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    History teaches me that judging people by the little boxes that we obsessively want to categorize them into, rather than on their individual merit, actions and character, is a fool's game and causes all kinds of bad stuff to happen.
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    Thing is this religion, as do others, has rules that are required of those that follow it...

    as in Christianity there are many sects... some are closer to Christianity then most...

    read Sharia... and think... might want to read a history of their prophet as well.. older version seem more accurate though...

    if ya want to read the Koran then better get a Hadith cause that book is arranged by the length of the verse...

    so finding things can be difficult...

    but it does contain some rather... disturbing things...
  8. chimo

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    Yup, I was raised Catholic...lots of rules. That doesn't mean I obey them any more than I obey some of our silly civil laws. I don't let goofy permitting laws prevent me from carrying concealed if I feel the need, I don't always come to a complete stop at stop signs, I don't always obey the speed limit. So rather than judging me by my religion or nationality, you should be judging me by my actions and character...which indicate that I have a problem with rules and authority and should probably be avoided at all costs. ;)
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  9. Brokor

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    It's an old program we used to watch, back in the day. Rant Media had forums and we were active there, it was when the internet was still new-ish and HD video was a dream very few could even envision. Sean is/was a bit of a social misfit who experimented with shock value deprogramming the minds of others the best way he could. He didn't do a bad job at it, really. The whole Rant culture originated with a group of friends from Canada who would sit around and jabber on about the world and have a good time questioning everything.

    More on the subject, the Muslim people and the radical State of Islam. All I have to say about that is The power of nightmares, I,II,III | Survival Monkey Forums
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    I am a history nut and I did watch a few of Dr. Warner's videos and they are quite good and his points are well made. But, the point I was trying to make is holding an entire section of the population of the world responsible for the actions of a few just isn't logical and certainly not just. It would be the same as holding families responsible when one of its members breaks a law or you being responsible for your dead and gone father's trespasses. There are a billion Muslims in the world today. A religious war world war on a scale of billions? If and when, the Muslim world as a collective or even individual states does indeed press forward with intent to convert all by force then I will definitely change my opinion but to hold all of them responsible for the acts of a few? No. I cannot in good conscious do that at this point.

    In Dr. Warner's videos he points out that the Fall of Rome and the following Dark Ages could indeed have been due to the advance of Islam but note the 'battles' that lead to his conclusion and theory. He specifically tracks them. While there might be use of force in Middle East countries to convert Christians we do not see it here or even in Europe where they have flooded. Riots and lawlessness, yes, but not an effort to convert by force.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not pro-Muslim or pro-Buddhist or pro-Hindu or any other religion including Christian even though I am one. I just believe in live and let live. And, I believe to hold the entire Muslim world responsible and to take up arms against them would be wrong and exactly what the Jihadists want - a religious war. And, I do not believe we have the fortitude to do what is necessary to win a religious war which would probably take putting them all, men, women and children, to the sword in order to ensure future generations didn't retaliate.
  11. Brokor

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    Google search: "how do Muslims take over a country?"

    It isn't instant. It isn't violent. It's progressive, and steady. Kind of like this: India–Pakistan relations - Wikipedia

    Divide and conquer, courtesy of the British Empire.
  12. OldDude49

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    as the population increases the pressure to convert/bow to their religion increases...

    they have demanded and obtained separate Sharia courts in England...

    so there is now sort of a dual legal system in place there.

    it is how they work... often they do it slowly but when they think they have enough population they get violent...

    there have been reports of areas in Europe and England where the LEO's just don't go anymore...

    Sharia... full Sharia requires non-Muslims to pay a heavy tax... so they know they are under the hand of Islam...
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  13. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    ahh.. hmmm... did you miss all the massacres of and by both Hindus and Muslims in the 50s and 60s?

    was pretty nasty stuff IIRC... still going on here and there in those countries mentioned...
  14. Brokor

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    Did I miss it? Well, yes. I wasn't born yet, and I live in 'MURICA.
    I also said earlier (you must have missed it) "Divide and conquer, courtesy of the British Empire."
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