Freeze Your Credit Like Life Lock For $30

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Mountainman, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Mountainman

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    Just finished putting credit freezes on my accounts for all 3 credit reporting companies and it only cost $30. Costs vary depending on the state you live in and sometimes your age.

    Equifax and Experian are easy to do online.

    With TransUnion (888-909-8872) I would call since online you have to sign up for an account and then it told me to call them anyway in the end. When you call have them transfer you to the US since you will be talking to someone in India.

    Credit freeze info and where I got the below links from.
    Credit Freeze FAQs

    Equifax | PersonalIDInfo

    Security Freeze Center at Experian

    Place a Security Freeze on Your Credit | TransUnion
  2. Bandit99

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    The sad thing is why we have to even do this. I mean, why is our credit reports or any of the associated information even accessible to anyone? Just my opinion...
  3. Ganado

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    @Mountainman I'm not sure why you seem to be concerned about this?

    My thoughts
    I'm not my credit rating, I pay cash for everything so I might have an odd view on this. I had my identity stolen and it took a year to fix it but it made me go to cash and it's best move I ever made. taught me how much my credit rating can fluxuate, and It showed me I can do without a credit rating.

    And I am curious as to why it's important to freeze your credit. Just would like your thinking on this if you don't mind.
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    Unless I'm reading what you wrote wrong, you answered your own question by saying your identity was stolen and took a year to fix. Even if you only use cash your identity can still be stolen again and you could go through another year to fix it.

    Never thought about a credit freeze to protect your credit rating and that would be the least important reason to do it.

    You freeze your credit so some POS can not get a credit card, loan, etc. in your name. Basically it locks down your credit so any creditor (credit cards, loans) can not see your credit and will not extend credit until you lift the freeze.
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    Because of this thread. Equifax Hacked | Survival Monkey Forums Some people (me) pay for Life Lock and I think I have had my credit check at least 10 times this year. I have co-signed for cars and rented places, in this world today you have to have a good credit score. I saw home for rent ads that would say must have a 720 score etc.
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    I'm thinking LL is trying to justify you having them by telling you about credit checks that also include pre qual checks for credit card and loan offers that are not threats. One time $30 beats the hell out of LL's monthly fee.
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    The thing that gets me is that it is my information. I never have the credit agencies permission to collect that data. If you ask me, they should be paying me for the information. After all, they are selling my information and making a profit on it.
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    I paid for a year so once my year is up, I am going to lock my credit and save the money. @Gaowlpoop I agree, they should be paying me. Every time it gets dinged it drops. Then if you have a credit card balance it drops but if you do not use CC's it drops. Those credit agencies are in cahoots with the banks and loan departments IMO.
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    i guess i just dont care about my credit rating anymore, the number isnt who i am so I dont care what a made up number says =)
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