Freezer died and UGH

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -06, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Our smaller freezer died. In the process it too 4 gallons of blackberries, 5 gallons of strawberries, several #s of venison/beef/pork, and a few other goodies that hide in freezers. Going with an upright this time. Not as efficient but a lot easier to keep up with things.
    Question is: what brand do you recommend, size, is there an onboard audible alarm available, and any other good info? Thanks wc
    Just checked the large one and we had transfered some of the packages of sweets to it--at least we can have a few good cobblers yet.
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    Sorry to hear about your freezer. We bought a second one this summer and found an upright at Lowe's. They price matched and we got it at the best price for this area. It has an alarm but it is not very loud, therefore I would recommend a hands on approach to check if it it closed.

    I had an appliance repair business for a few years and the thing that I found that killed a freezer the most was dust clogged condenser coils. These are the ones that hide behind the unit or underneath the unit and they never get cleaned. They are dust magnets and need cleaning a couple of times a year to keep everything working right. Just my two cents.
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    About every six months I vacuum the hell out of our freezers & fridge. I also take dryer apart every 6 months & clean it inside & out because a week after I did it the first time, a house I pass daily on my way to work had a fire due to dryer lint buildup. Then again, might just be I'm OCD as hell [dunno]
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    ive been planning on making my own fridge for years
    finally have what i need to do it
    ill build a well insulated cabinet, fully attached to the floor and wall
    ill run 3/4 inch copper up and down both sides with cross overs for permanent shelving
    once all this is done i will cut my main waterline coming into the house
    and every drop of water that comes in will pass thru this big cooler
    my water comes in at around 38 degrees, so this box should stay somewhere close to that year round
    one totally power free refrigerator :)
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