Fresh Water for chickens in winter.... suggestions?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Equilibrium, Mar 7, 2011.

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    I found this little solar deal and it just doesn't look as if it's got enough oomph to me, Shop The Coop.Com: Solar Chicken Waterer-SALE being as how our temps dip way below 20 for weeks on end and then there is this little issue of not always having nice bright sunny winter days. I found where some folk were discussing this issue and sounds like most of them are running electric to their coops to keep water de-iced, Chicken's water is freezing - HELP - This is what works best at the moment only 2 rubber buckets eliminates having to whack at the ice with a hammer, How to best keep water thawed this winter for chickens - Farm Life Forum - GardenWeb
    Could something like this be rigged for just water, Solar Powered Chicken Coop – Update « Experiences of an Inland Empire Dad to power something like this, Shop The Coop.Com: Small Heated Poultry Waterer or is it going to be cost prohibitive? There's 2 skylights in the chicken coop so no need for lighting.
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    Electric Dog Pad

    I recall seeing electric dog pads being sold that keep the pad at about 50 degrees F. They appear to be used for the interior of dog houses to help the dogs thru the coldest part of winter.

    If you had a few metal bowls on such a pad, it might be able to keep the water from freezing.
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    I took a metal waterer an made a metal skirt around the bottom, cut a little door in it,and hinged it. Then I put a small kerosene burner in the skirt, turned down low, it keeps the water from freezeing
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    If you have power in the coop then just buy a heated water dish from Tractor Supply or somewhere like that. The dog pads don't have enough ooomph where I live. They will keep it thawed down into the 20's. Still an icicle at -20.However, it is better to give them water that is heated a bit more if you live in a very cold climate.
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    hedger & 44044> the electric dog pad and the enclosed kerosene burner are great ideas.... thank you so much.
    Catullus> no gas or electric is run to the chicken coop. Bummer, eh?
    Yes, I'd found that website and one of the water bowls from my 1st post was actually from there but... I don't think anything Shop the Coop sells has enough oomph to withstand our winters at -10 to -15 for long stretches even if I ran a heavy duty electrical cord out to the chicken coop. The electric dog pad might work though and I'm pretty sure the kerosene burner would work too. I'm thinking I might just have this problem solved.... proof will be in the pudding though. I stumbled on an off the wall solar idea that gravity feeds a water bowl that just might work. We'll see next winter if the set up can keep the water ice free or not even if it's only for a few days in a row. Time will tell otherwise back to the drawing board.
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    We use the rubber buckets as well. Have never really considered the solar aspect mentioned in the op. Interesting.
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    I remember insulating my coops and keeping the water in a plastic dish and it never got cold enough to freeze inside, but I guess it all depends on how cold it gets. NE United States isn't quite as cold as, say Alaska or Canaduh.
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