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    One of the new members just got me thinking about fishing again.

    I keep a "life list" for my fishing, I keep track of all the species I've caught. I enjoy fishing for as many different species as possible, even those considered "non-desirable" by most. Catching a species of fish that I've never caught before is as fun for me as catching a trophy.

    What species are common to your area? Anything unusual? I'm interested in all, but particularly curious about non U.S. species.

    Here is my list so far:

    Bluegill - Lepomis macrochirus
    Redear - Lepomis microlophus
    Longear Sunfish - Lepomis megalotis
    Pumpkinseed - Lepomis gibbosus
    Green Sunfish - Lepomis cyanellus
    Orangespotted Sunfish - Lepomis humilis
    Redbreast Sunfish - Lepomis auritus
    Black Crappie - Pomoxis nigromaculatus
    White Crappie - Pomoxis annularis
    Rock Bass - Ambloplites rupestris
    Warmouth - Lepomis gulosus

    Black Basses:
    Largemouth Bass - Micropterus salmoides
    Smallmouth Bass - Micropterus dolomieui
    Spotted Bass - Micropterus punctulatus

    True Basses:
    White Bass - Morone chrysops
    Yellow Bass - Morone mississippiensis
    Striped Bass - Morone saxatilis
    Hybrid Striper - Morone chrysops x saxatilis

    Walleye - Stizostedion vitreum
    Sauger "Rattlesnake Pike" - Stizostedion canadense

    Rainbow Trout - Oncorhynchus mykiss
    Brown Trout - Salmo trutta

    Channel Catfish - Ictalurus punctatus
    Blue Catfish - Ictalurus furcatus
    Flathead Catfish - Pylodictis olivaris
    Yellow Bullhead - Ameiurus natalis
    Black Bullhead - Ameiurus melas
    Brown Bullhead - Ameiurus nebulosus

    Paddlefish "Spoonbill" - Polydon spathula
    Bowfin "Grennel" - Amia calva
    Freshwater Drum "Sheephead, White Perch" - Aplodinotus grunniens
    Common Carp - Cyprinus carpio
    Bighead Carp - Hypophthalmichthys nobilis
    Black Buffalo - Ictiobus niger
    Smallmouth Buffalo - Ictiobus bubalus
    Shortnose Gar - Lepisosteus platostomus
    Longnose Gar - Lepisosteus osseus
    Mooneye - Lepisosteus osseus
    Skipjack Herring - Alosa chrysochloris

    Most Wanted to Add:
    Sturgeon - White, Lake, Shovelnose
    Golden Trout
    Salmon - King, Coho, Sockeye
  2. Blackjack

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    And Minuteman..... No, I'm not going to reach under logs in the river looking to grab giant catfish or the occasional snapping turtle! I'm still at least partially sane!
  3. Tracy

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    Funny (true) fish story:

    A dear friend's son just caught a German Brown Trout (25 1/4", 9.2#). He was telling us his story and how there are so many fish right now because it's "sperm season".


    I looked over at his mom, who was about to die laughing, as she corrected him "That's spawning season, honey."

    Gotta' love kids! :D
  4. CBMS

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    Lol, Well We got lotsa salmon, All major kinds, Pink, Silver, and king. Halibut and Cod. Freshwater, I dunno, dont do much of it maybe Some trout (rainbow mainly)
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