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    Finding Enemies of Freedom
    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    United States of America - RIP

    Doctor Lingerman (DL): I have bad news. The disease that is infecting the United States is terminal. It is only a matter of time before the Old Girl rolls over and breathes her last breath.

    Concerned US Citizen (CUC): But wait Doctor, we have a treatment coming this November. You know, the elections will put Republicans in the House and Senate and that will stop the pathogen known as Obama.

    DL: It's too late. The damage to the vital organs of the United States has been done. You cannot recover. And do you think that the elections will be fair? These socialists/communists will use any means to swing an election. They will call their opponents racist. They will muster out union thugs and black panther goons to polling places to intimidate. They will tamper with electronic voting machine results. They will hire ACORN and other "community" groups to round up illegal aliens and others who should not be voting and truck them into contested districts. So elections at the margins WILL swing towards the liberal nuts.

    CUC: That may be true, Doctor, but a large majority of Americans will vote against Obama this November and one or both houses of Congress will swing to the conservatives. So we have a fighting chance to save America.

    DL: No you do not. Let us assume that both the House and Senate are controlled by the Republicans. They will not have a veto-proof majority. They will pass legislation to repeal Obama care and Obama will veto it. They will pass legislation to reduce entitlement spending and lower taxes and Obama will veto it. Obama is an arrogant, programmed operative who holds the desires of the average American in contempt. He was raised, taught and mentored by people who HATE the United States.

    You also have to consider that some of the Republicans elected will not be conservatives. They will be Washington game players that covet acceptance by the media and their liberal colleagues more than saving America. People like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Olympia Snow and Scott Brown come to mind.

    And then you have the two months of lame duck Congress to contend with in November and December. These evil people who will have been thrown out of office have two months to get their last licks in on the United States and the American people. And they will do things that you cannot even comprehend. They are left wing zealots whose basic desire is the destruction of our way of life.

    CUC: Dr. Lingerman, These people cannot deny the will of the American people. The elections will be won by large margins. Many states and communities will pass referenda and laws stopping the insanities perpetrated by the left wing machine. This is a grass roots movement and the disease can be stopped at the local communities, counties and states.

    DL: No it cannot. You forgot about another infection plaguing the United States. The judiciary and the scum-sucking, shyster lawyers that feed the beast that is our legal system. Courts like the Ninth Circuit Court will strike down these laws like they did with California's marriage referendum and Arizona's Immigration Bill. Obama is stacking the Supreme Court with left-wing ideologues that hate the Constitution and everything it represents. The US Attorney General is supporting Islamic terrorists and suing Americans that are trying to save their country. There will be no fairness or mercy coming from behind the bench in regards to saving America.

    CUC: Is there anything we can do?

    DL: Short of a benevolent dictatorship, no. The bureaucracy and inertia in place now cannot be stopped. You may be able to extend the life of the United States, but its death is coming sooner than later.

    CUC: How did we get into this situation?

    DL: Political correctness and civility. We tried to combat the slow rot of socialism by debate and civil discourse. The socialists played the game with us and but at the same time attacked us where we did not expect. The leftists will respect debate and elections as long as they fall their way. If they do not, they avoid debate and ignore elections.

    Here are some of the things they did to foment the cancer we are facing today.

    1. They infiltrated our education system. The NEA has a strangle hold on public education and they are pumping our children's heads full of politically-correct bull****. They have repeated the mantra that "Diversity is good for America" to the point that even conservatives spout that crap. All "diversity" does is lower everyone to the lowest common denominator. The terrorist, Bill Ayers, after failing as a domestic terrorist to overthrow the government, entered the education system to perpetuate his goal of America's destruction.

    2. Moral relativism. They have perpetrated the idea that all cultures need to be considered in deciding our course of action. They bend over backwards to embrace the culture of Islam. The same Islam that wants to see us destroyed. They welcome Mexicans into the country.

    They will not acknowledge that our culture is superior to both. Our culture produced one of the greatest nations in history. Los Angeles was a great place to live because of the people and culture who built it. Let in a bunch of Mexicans who have no interest in education, assimilation, or civics and Los Angeles will be a new Tijuana in one or two generations.

    3. They took over the Media. "Main stream journalism" is a joke. They perpetuate a liberal agenda. They have brainwashed the American people to believe that a liberal agenda is the "right and good" way of living. They took over the media by populating it with "journalists" educated in our broken education system. They come out of school hating the military, average Americans, and the institutions that created our society.

    4. They destroyed our financial system. They forced banks to loan money to people that had no business getting a loan. They spend money faster than we can print it. They use taxpayer money to pay their political operatives. They borrow and borrow and borrow. Soon their will be nobody willing to lend us any money. That's when the **** hits the fan. And it is coming sooner than you think.

    CUC: What should I do if it is truly over?

    DL: Try to protect your family. Get in the face of these communists and stand them down. Quit being afraid of speaking your mind. You will be called racist. Embrace it as a badge of honor as that is their usual form of attack.

    Arm yourself.

    People will try to break from society and form communities to try to shield themselves from the leftists. The socialists will destroy them just like Clinton did with the Branch Davidians. This is no game anymore, and you better start realizing it.
  2. dragonfly

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    I fear this is all too TRUE!
  3. cornmonkey

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    Not fear but fact, now we are like a gut shot dog still running, but dead and don't know it. All due to those criminal basta##$ called politicians. Maybe they will get what they want some day, payment for all that hard work they have been doing, for our own good of course.
  4. bnmb

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    If politicians get what they want, we are all toast...And their payment would be our heads...not gonna fly that one!
  5. Idahoser

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    We certainly don't prevent it if we surrender the fight.
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