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    Why wait till the shelves are empty?

    Prvi Partizan PPU 30.06 FMJ 150grn 500rd can
    Ammunition Purchase Requirements
    07/27/12: Arriving Soon!
    Sign up for the "Notify Me" below to be one of the first alerted when it reaches our warehouse.
    AIM EXCLUSIVE!! New Prvi Partizan manufactured 30.06 ammunition. Designed and tested for peak performance in M1 Garand rifles! Phenomenal performance in all 30.06 caliber rifles as well. Features a 150grn M2 full copper-jacketed lead core bullet, reloadable brass case and non-corrosive boxer primer. Perfect long term package for range or match events in a new M2A1 .50cal ammunition can. 20 rounds in a box, 25 boxes (500rds) in the can. Selling at below market price..while supplies last!!
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    That's a good deal...$1 cheaper/box than Wideners.
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