From My Cold Dead Hands

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    I had to post this in response to discussions I have had here and in the non cyber world. I was heavily into the Patriot/ Militia movement throughout the 90's and into the early "aughts". I saw first hand what happened when the PTB started to crackdown on the movement. They began to arrest leaders and threaten and harass others. Many of our top leaders went to prison on trumped up charges. The die hard rank and file faded away like a morning fog. Many a uniform ended up in a burn pit or dumpster. And the first to fling off their uniform or any association with the movement were usually the ones who were the most vocal and adamant at meetings. The "from my cold dead hands" types. They were the first to disappear.

    So I am naturally very pessimistic about "we the peoples" ability to rise up and throw down an oppressive regime. People are much more likely to roll over than rise up. When faced with prison or death, or even the loss of jobs, homes and family, most will simply roll over, or bend over, and accept whatever freedom depriving, liberty stealing measures the government is enforcing.

    The dream of the 3% resisting a tyrannical government is a fantasy. A few, a very few, would, for a brief moment resist. But they would be swept aside with little notice by the populace. Probably with fanfare and cheering from the vast majority of our brainwashed masses. And with some regret and shame from those who know the truth yet kow towed to the PTB all the same.

    Here is a story that I think is a premonition of what is yet to come. Imagine the scenario on a national level. All firearms are banned from private ownership and by Jan. 1st 20?? anyone in non compliance become felons and face prison time. How long will the lines be? How many will remember shouting "from my cold dead hands!" while hanging their heads in shame and trying not to be noticed? How many NRA membership cards will go up in flame? How many pro 2nd amendment Tee shirts will end up in the garbage dumps? A great many more than you want to believe. A far far greater number than you would ever have imagined. And the 3% will be far far less than ever hoped for. Connecticut today, the rest of US tomorrow. IMHO and I do hope YMMV.

    Conn. gun owners rush to register weapons, ammo - Yahoo Finance

    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- Connecticut gun owners are rushing to register certain firearms and ammunition that will be considered illegal contraband in the new year.

    People have been lining up early in the morning at the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection's headquarters in Middletown in recent days to turn in applications for assault weapons certificates and high-capacity magazine declaration forms so they can legally keep the items.
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    Boycott (my apologies to RH) Connecticut! Don't buy anything from there. Encourage friends and family from Connecticut to abandon the State and move elsewhere. Leave it to the Liberals and the Criminals and let them sort it out.
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    I to remember the "shadow puppet leaders". Difference is I did not completely trust them. They tried far to hard to encourage "arms" over using all the "political" solutions.. Those politicians that we had trusted did not have our constitution's well being in their hearts. NOW, we have to make the politics work for us.. There will be no further chances for us and the use of arms has a uncertain outcome..
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    Registration is the transfer of rights. If a sovereign citizen refuses to surrender rights to the State, no act can be carried out to punish them without abrogating the Constitutional authority delegated to the agents of the State in the first place. Any officer enforcing a confiscation for an owner's lack of registration is just as guilty as the State, and they are acting as an agent of the State. This places any such officer DIRECTLY at war with the People. That's COMMON LAW, per the Constitution, since WE are the SOVEREIGN.

    Now, those are the facts, and not even the legal facts. I am sure lots of court cases and threats of lawsuits can follow, but how has that ever really helped in recent years? You cannot afford to fight a multinational corporation or its agents, can you? If you can, then you are a very insignificant exception. I seem to recall a class-action lawsuit filed against the IRS, the largest ever in fact. Guess what happened? It got all the way to the end of the line, and the judge changed the law ON THE FLY to grant the IRS the self assumed privilege to do whatever it wants. Please tell me how we exist in the land of the free? The Constitution is on void status, during an Emergency of War which has been ACTIVE since March 6, 1933. The fact that it has always been active and still is, can be found in Black's Law Dictionary (6th Ed.) under the term, "Bank Holiday of March 6, 1933". The very fact the private banks, this "Federal Reserve System" we have all come to know, the very fact they conduct business at all is DIRECT PROOF, since they cannot operate outside the President's declaration of emergency. Got it?

    I mention this because it is VERY important to know what we are dealing with.

    We are not up against rogue criminal elements within the "government". This has become "THE UNITED STATES, INC." and ceased being "THESE United States". Under their laws, their codes, their rules, we are all LICENSED to operate and function, per the orders I mentioned above in the March Declaration by FDR which transformed the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 into a declaration of war by INCLUDING all the citizenry of America as enemy combatants. Period. There's your justification if you could ever grab your junk and take a stand.

    The State has ZERO RIGHT to coerce you, force you or intimidate you to REGISTER your firearms in ANY STATE, or they face DIRECTLY VIOLATING the Constitution. But, they do not operate under such delegated authority, do they? No, they do not. They appear to be doing so, under the COLOR OF LAW, which is codified and made so confusing only a SWORN officer of the court, Judge or attorney who is LICENSED to operate at the court's sufferance may even attempt to translate the "law". You are not fighting a fair fight. We function, in their minds, under Admiralty Jurisdiction. And yes, every word has specific meaning, and those meanings can ONLY be interpreted by the Judge --not you, not me.

    So, which shall it be? Continue living a pretend existence in a "NATION ©" where the illusion of liberty and justice exists, or admitting our failure to keep the republic our forefathers built and accept the reality we truly face?

    I tend to agree with you at times, my friend. We shall see what the future holds for us.

    Remember, they couldn't care less about your "rights", because you don't have any as far as they are concerned. This is all about popular opinion --convincing YOU that you do not have rights any longer and SUBMITTING TO TYRANNY.
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