frosty german wintercamps with minimal gear

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    frosty Swede(?) wintercamps with minimal gear

    This is 53minutes of a german survival hobbyist camping in the winterforest undera poncho w/out food kindamakes a big deal about howlong hes been without food (31hours), but it demonstrates some good coldweather technique.( subtitled)

    [MEDIA]SURVIVAL: Episode 2 - Starvation[/MEDIA]
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    Ist gotten gutten itromachen

    Some good tips there, like the foot bag thing, used to do a bag on the foot, put on socks another bag and then the boot. They make foot bag things now I think.
    "I forgot to tell you about my other equipment, the Winabago over there":eek: :lol:
    Batteries do go bad in the cold, used to sleep with then, hated beng radio man..... snowbyrd
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    mmm, spruce needle tea. True Scandinavian there! [beer]

    You haven't lived until you try that. I've tried it unsweetened but prefer it with honey.

    Sounds like a Swede to me rather than a German.
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