Fruit for Thought Best Piece of Land?

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  1. I was recently surfing the web for land for sale in new mexico for some off the grid land. Just in case the human world collapses like it does from time to time through the ages. Ive looked everywhere frome northern to southern united states. I am part Kiowa Comanche so i have felt an alure to the plains of Texas Oklahoma and Kansas i stumbled across this article and I think it could help anyone who might be considering these states and it seems to be accurate based on the research ive done do you think it is trustworthy? Northern Texas? Wasteland or Oasis?
  2. Olympic mountain man

    Olympic mountain man just a lonely cook

    It is a matter if preference I enjoy the dencer forest of the pnw and it's very easy to go off grid here plenty of resources to thrive on
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    I'm Cherokee/Seminole/Cajun so you know I like the mountains of WV. but was raised near the swamps of Florida learned a lot from my moma and gran moma about the old ways and from one of my uncles even learned to water witch. there is land out there everywhere if you just look and most cheep too
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    In my opinion if you are planning on a large garden to live off of then no, it is not trust worthy. Texas can get real dry and then when you get a huge down pour it creates flooding. The rain comes too fast to soak in. It is hit or miss and you really need to find the specific variety of plants that grow well with the heat and lack of water. That area is great in the regards that you can start planting early and once you get fruit trees established they should do fine but with everywhere, learning takes time, patience and determination.
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  5. that is awesome! I always wanted to learn how to witch its a great skill

    I have had a hard time finding land out there i used to live out by colvile and i loved it were could i get a peice of land at a decent price?
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    The further from a city the better and cheaper the land - I'd stay on the west side of the cascades though as the east can get dry and hot fast.

    No offense to Texans (I'm a half blood from there) but TX in general is very unappealing to me. Bugs, hot, dusty and lacking in water often.

    My relatives often get put on a 'you can only water your lawn once a week for 2 hours max' etc.

    Low wages and cheap houses though...
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  7. Ura-Ki

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    Any where in the Mid West you can find good cheep land! I recommend Kansas or Arkansas unless you want mountains!
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  8. GOG

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    Consider water first. Off grid, so pioneer style or solar or what? Topography matters. Are there natural building materials on site? Water? Enough area for a decent garden? Water?
    There's so much to consider as far as the property itself, then factor in the legal and political realities of the place.
    Water is life.
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    New Mexico from about Silver City on north has some pretty dense pine forests and lots of Elk. I'm sure you could find water close enough to the surface for a well. The Mimbres river valley north and east of Silver City most likely has plenty of water. If you sink a well anywhere in that area you should be good to go. Another good area you may look into is Pinos Altos. If you have Google Earth, check 'em out.

    I used to wander that area when I worked as a contractor in the local copper mines back in the mid 80s. More than once had to stop the truck and wait for a herd of elk to cross the road.
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  10. thankyou everyone i am copy and pasting your comments to my clip board these are all great pieces of info

    I recently went to new mexico and i am definately starting to lean more towards a mountain home
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    Well...silver city is more of an artist colony now and the water table has decreased.

    New Mexico is part desert and there are beautiful areas but you need to check the water rights. It is one of the only western States with its water rights settled. Others wester states still have water rights in litigation
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    If I were able to move SWMBO, the property I would look for would have the following...

    Be at least 10 miles from my nearest neighbor.
    Be at least 20 miles from any small town or city, 100 miles from any Major population area.
    Have a running year round spring, stream or creek on the property.
    Must be at least 40 Acres, 80 would be better.
    Gravel, relatively unmaintained access road, preferably 4X4 only.
    There must be local game animals, Elk, Deer, Bear, Moose, Cotton Tail, Grouse, Quail, Geese and perhaps a fish or two in the stream.
    Don't care if the house is only 800 square feet, but must be sturdy and able to withstand the weather.
    Must have standing harvestable timber on the property.
    Must be able to have a south facing parcel for a garden, and be in a latitude that has an average growing season.
    I want at least three, preferably 4 Seasons.

    The rest, I'd build....
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  13. Altoidfishfins

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    Thanks for the update G. I didn't know that S.C. had turned artsy fartsy. Haven't been over there in quite a number of years.
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    I settled here in Idaho because of a relative conservative government, a LOT of wild country, Libertarian populace, and I can live in my 900 sqft shack without having the government sticking their nose into my business.
    Have neighbours only 2 miles away, however, rarely ever see any of them unless it is on the road. Oh, and the road is maintained, or not, by me or a logging outfit that may be working in the area. I would have a year round spring if I could purchase the 20 acres right next to me.. It is funny that no one else will buy it. No telling for taste! Could be that cranky old neighbour with the loud motorcycle and is known to discharge firearms..
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