FS/T MOLLE II Rucksacks - Assault pack

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    For sale or trade:

    1 MOLLE II rucksack
    color: desert camo
    condition: new, never worn
    extras: 4 sustainment pouches, 2 magazine pouches, 1 canteen pouch
    cost: ~90 silver dimes + shipping
    trade: something neat

    1 MOLLE II rucksack
    color: ACU
    condition: used
    extras: 4 sustainment pouches, 1 grenade pouch (new), ECWS sleeping bag stuff sack
    cost: ~50 silver dimes + shipping
    trade: what'cha got?

    1 MOLLE II assault pack
    color: ACU
    condition: used
    cost: ~13 silver dimes
    trade: ???

    I can include the assault pack with the ACU rucksack if you're interested. They can be hooked together and will be cost-effective on shipping. I put the assault pack next to the ruck for size comparison (it goes with the ACU ruck, not the desert camo ruck).

    IMPORTANT: PM me with questions, not in the thread as I may not look at the thread. If you have no posts on the Monkey, don't bother trying to work out a deal unless it's in person--sorry, I'm distrustful of scammers and don't need another headache. Local pickup would be best. I live in the Atlanta metro area, but am frequently found in the N.GA woods or Charlie Elliot WMA.

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