Ft Bliss soldiers told to register any off base firearms

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Tango3

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    Ft Bliss Soldiers living off-post were required to register their firearms..with the "pmo" ( provost marshall??)

  2. dragonfly

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    Re: ftblisssoldiers toldtporegisterany offbase firearms.

    Here "THEY" go again......
    It just never seems to amaze me!
  3. tacmotusn

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    Re: ftblisssoldiers toldtporegisterany offbase firearms.

    I read another thread and follow up posts on this or a similiar incident, either here or another forum, and as it turned out, it was an over zealous base commander acting on his own with no real authority to do so. No action was being taken against personnel just ignoring the order. The Army's Official position was; we have no knowledge of this, and it is not official policy. JMHO but, I think there is no real problem here. Unless this spreads and turns out to be "official policy".[dunno]
  4. Tango3

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    Re: ftblisssoldiers toldtporegisterany offbase firearms.

    official policy or not I'm curious to know this commander's line of thought..
    Apologies for the multiple "run on" titles last evening ( "dain bramage"?)...
  5. jim2

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    That "Commander" should be asked if the letters KMA mean anything to him.

    Somealways seem to overstepping their authority, and need to be jerked into line.

  6. ColtCarbine

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    IIRC, some of the members here who are active duty mentioned that this is normal and not something new.
  7. TenGrit

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    Many military commanders overstep their bounds and infringe on individual rights out of ignorance. I have seen it time and time again during my military career. I find it abhorent and I avail myself of every opportunity to raise my voice in dissent whenever I see it. Luckily I'm in a position that my commanders hear what I have to say, but this is often not the case for the lowly E-2 or E-3.

    It is imperitive that individual service members know their rights under the Constitution, UCMJ, and all applicible orders. When they feel that they have been wronged there is a proper course to have their complaints heard. In the Marine Corps it is called "Request Mast" and it can go straight to the Inspector General, although most times it doesn't.

    I have requested Mast twice in my 22 year career, once to the Commanding General of my unit and once to the Inspector General of my unit. Both times the issue was resolved.

    The policy to register weapons stored off-base is NOT a common policy. Each Marine Corps base does have an order requiring individuals living in on-base quarters to register them. Over the last twenty years I know of several cases where individuals have tried to get a Commanding General to change the order, I was involved with one myself. In most of the cases that I know of the end result was "if you live in on-base quarters you follow the rules". In the end I chose to not live on-base. My Commanding Officer was considering having the Marines that lived off-base, and were of the rank E-5 or below, register thier weapons with the command. I told him that his actions would be an invasion of privacy and illegal. I also told him that if he wished to continue he might want to check with Base Legal, he did and they told him he was not allowed to do that.

    Many bases that I have been stationed on do have a policy that if the individual, E-5 or below, is going to buy a weapon from the Post/Base Exchange they do have to get approval from their Commanding Officer, and where they plan to store it IF they reside on base. The simple answer is not to buy guns on base if you don't want to ask approval or want them to know where it is.
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