First Amendment Fug it about it! What does it matter now?

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    Stop the Senate from Gutting the First Amendment
    1st amendment under fire by 48 Democratic Senators.
    Yesterday, the US Senate voted to advance a bill that would alter the Bill of Rights and limit our first amendment right to free speech.

    S.J. Res. 19 is co-sponsored by 48 Democrats. That’s right – 48 United States Senators would AMEND the First Amendment to give themselves the power to control what citizens and citizens groups can say about CONGRESS and other elected officials and candidates. That is CORE political speech that our Founding Fathers knew the government should NOT control!! If this were the law, Tea Party Patriots would NOT be allowed to tell you what your government officials and candidates are doing!!

    Call your Senators today and tell them to STOP the Democrats from repealing our rights to free speech!

    This isn't the first time the Democrats have tried to gut the first amendment this year and it's beginning to look like they are more serious than ever to silence us!

    This is the same old song and dance that we've seen throughout the last year. When the Democrats collaborated with the IRS to target conservative groups, they were trying to silence our speech. When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pushed for the debate in the Judiciary Committee to repeal the first amendment, they were trying to silence our speech. And now bringing this bill to the Senate floor for debate in an effort to jam it through is an effort to silence our speech.

    We must speak up now before it is too late! Call your Senators today! See the list of the Democrats in the United States Senate who have signed on to silence YOU!

    MichaelBennetDCO(202) 224-5852
    TomHarkinDIA(202) 224-3254
    CharlesSchumerDNY(202) 224-6542
    JeanneShaheenDNH(202) 224-2841
    SheldonWhitehouseDRI(202) 224-2921
    JonTesterDMT(202) 224-2644
    BarbaraBoxerDCA(202) 224-3553
    ChristopherCoonsDDE(202) 224-5042
    AngusKingDME(202) 224-5344
    ChristopherMurphyDCT(202) 224-4041
    RonWydenDOR(202) 224-5244
    AlFrankenDMN(202) 224-5641
    AmyKlobucharDMN(202) 224-3244
    MarkUdallDCO(202) 224-5941
    TimJohnsonDSD(202) 224-5842
    RobertMenendezDNJ(202) 224-4744
    JackReedDRI(202) 224-4642
    RichardBlumenthalDCT(202) 224-2823
    MartinHeinrichDNM(202) 224-5521
    JeffMerkleyDOR(202) 224-3753
    DianneFeinsteinDCA(202) 224-3841
    MarkBegichDAK(202) 224-3004
    BenjaminCardinDMD(202) 224-4524
    KirstenGillibrandDNY(202) 224-4451
    KayHaganDNC(202) 224-6342
    BarbaraMikulskiDMD(202) 224-4654
    TammyBaldwinDWI(202) 224-5653
    EdwardMarkeyDMA(202) 224-2742
    ElizabethWarrenDMA(202) 224-4543
    SherrodBrownDOH(202) 224-2315
    JohnWalshDMT(202) 224-2651
    RichardDurbinDIL(202) 224-2152
    HarryReidDNV(202) 224-3542
    MazieHironoDHI(202) 224-6361
    ThomasCarperDDE(202) 224-2441
    PattyMurrayDWA(202) 224-2621
    BrianSchatzDHI(202) 224-3934
    BernardSandersDVT(202) 224-5141
    JohnRockefellerDWV(202) 224-6472
    DebbieStabenowDMI(202) 224-4822
    CoryBookerDNJ(202) 224-3224
    HeidiHeitkampDND(202) 224-2043
    JoeManchinDWV(202) 224-3954
    ClaireMcCaskillDMO(202) 224-6154
    MariaCantwellDWA(202) 224-3441
    BillNelsonDFL(202) 224-5274
    RobertCaseyDPA(202) 224-6324
    CarlLevinDMI(202) 224-6221

    In Liberty,
    Tea Party Patriots National Support Team
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    Here is what I have to say about that [finger].
    But honestly.... this will never fly due to the numbers opposing.... futile legislation just reaffirming their endeavor to squish descent in our Republic.
    If one is not involved in some manner now to ensure that the lib's are voted out of office, get informed, get engaged and make a stand. The wolves are continuously prowling outside your door.
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    There really should be an open season on communists/socialists/progressives, with no bag limit. Shoot all you can haul off and feed your pigs.
    while I am on a roll, I might as well add; if you can't explain from memory even if intoxicated what 1/2 of the bill of rights are about, you should be publicly given 10 lashes while confined in a pillary.
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    What is the movie trailer I saw the other day..... they have so much time...... ahh yes.... The Purge :)
    The Purge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    "Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States
    relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect
    "``Section 3. Nothing in this article shall be construed to
    grant Congress the power to abridge the freedom of the press."

    Text - S.J.Res.19 - 113th Congress (2013-2014): A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections. | | Library of Congress
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