Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Scanner - Long Term Review

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    Years ago, I was looking for a scanner for my office. Visited someone I had met who represented Laserfiche. Asked about a scanner for my one man office. He tried to sell me a $5,000 Laserfiche scanner. Overill in size, function and price!

    Then I noticed that every employee's desk had a much smaller scanner. I asked him about that. He told me they were Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners that the employees used for every day scanning. Sounded exactly like what I was looking for. So I asked him if he sold them. Told me no, but he would sell me a used one. $500.

    So I left to do my homework. What a rip off. I found a new one on Amazon that I promptly bought for $400! Here's a link. Even though the model is old, it is way more expensive now.

    So my scanner started giving me its first grief recently. Papers started jamming. So I opened it up to investigate. The rubber rollers were degrading. Practically melting, And that caused the paper jams. So I called a local repair shop. Guy was great. He asked me how old it was. I did not know exactly, but I looked up my records. NINE YEARS OLD!! Before the first sign of any trouble.

    He suggested I buy a new one as repairs would start at about $150. So I did.

    So my review:

    Setup is super easy. Basically plug and play. And install software.
    Performance is fast and trouble free for nine years!!
    It would scan about 50 pages at a time front and back. And if I had a rare document that was more, I can just keep feeding pages in for one large scan job.
    It scans to my computer, to Evernote. It scans as jpg or pdf. Not sure what else. That's all I use.
    It replaced my fax machine nine years ago. Now I use my scanner and RingCentral. (I guess that is my next review.)
    Durability is awesome. Nine years for a piece of tech is incredible. And other than a the rollers degrading with time, the scanner itself still functions. I'm actually contemplating a test. Was going to try and duct tape over the rollers to cover the sticky degraded rubber and see how that works out.

    So for nine years, it faithfully sat on a corner of my desk and did its job. Day in and day out. As far as any kind of technology I have owned and used, it has been the most reliable and best value.

    My new scanner is the Fujitsu ScanSnap i1300.

    Short term review is that it is a little cheaper. It is also about 1/4 to 1/3 the size of the S1500. But is does scan slightly slower and has a smaller capacity. But I rarely scan more than ten pages at a time. And like the S1500, I can always add pages while scanning is in progress.

    What made me get this one was the form factor. It was so much smaller. AND it can run on USB power, making it portable should I choose to lug it with me along with my laptop. It is mobile where the S1500 is not.

    If this one lasts for five years, I will be very pleased. But Fujitsu is high up there in my book and I think it will last longer than that.
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