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    Interesting. Not so practical, but interesting.
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    Paul Moller has upgraded since that video was produced.
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  4. NotSoSneaky

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    IIRC there were ads for each of those in the back of MAD magazine, popular mechanics / science and comic books since the '60's or '70s.

    My favorite was the mini nuclear sub.[tongue]


    Hoo-boy, was I ever disappointed. hissyfit
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  5. UncleMorgan

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    I always wanted the Do-It-Yourself B29 Bomber kit, where you cut 8,381,000 beer cans open and pop- riveted them together. That was Step One.
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    The fun part is changing the 8 million+ beer cans from full to empty
  7. kellory

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    Science project (might be worth a .gov grant) on the study of gravity on fluid dynamics.
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    Yes he has. Too bad he can't get FAA approval for his craft.
  10. NotSoSneaky

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    I drive for a living. Think of traffic jams and road rage for a second here.
    You really want that over your house ? [OO]

    Leave the flying cars to the Jetsons please. [tongue]
  11. Katana Lee

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    Understand how you feel about that.

    Point being - Much tech that would improve our lives and the health of the planet has been stolen and suppressed.
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    Electromagnetic anti-gravity propulsion is where it's at. And, Tesla called it an "anti-electromagnetic field drive". Other related terms are "gravitics", "subquantum kinetics", "electrogravitics". The basic concepts are derived from creating negative and positive ion clouds, and manipulating gravitational pulse waves through electromagnetism and kinetic energy propulsion. Most of this is speculative, and a great deal is highly classified as well as "conspiracy theory". Yet, the more progress we make in quantum dynamics and the further we break away from the traditional relativist dogma, the more we may find answers.
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    There are various groups around the world that have saucers using Tesla and Coanda drives; Coanda is particularly easy to build.

    The military has saucers as well.

    Anti-gravity is where it's at and there are other ways to achieve it.
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    Oh, even since the time of WWII there have been strange sightings. Some of it can be traced back to the German "Glocke", or bell. But, I am certain there's fantastic technology already well advanced and in use.
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  15. Katana Lee

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    Way cool stuff.
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