Fun "what if scenario"- SHTF In Lots Of Ways, Lets Just Call It a Catastrophe

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  1. ok your at the house with the family eating dinner with the radio or tv in the other room you hear there has been a state of emergency and no further details and soon the power goes out and dosent come back on for a long time your held up with your generator going gathering yourself and calming the wife and kids everything seems ok then you hear some noises sounds like bombs or explosions. you determine that your current location is no longer 100% "safe" but you have a well secured hidden locked basement with adequate food but not enough for very long. do you a: bug out to your location or b: hold the fort down guarding every side of the house and pop a cap in anybody's ass that runs up in your hut or hunker down for a few weeks in your super protected bank vault
    safe room. basically would you bug out or hang tight in an emergency ( emp martial law nukes yellows stone eruption the poles shifting earthquake civil unrest)
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    time for a tribe gathering at my bug in location. local coms exercise. co-ordination with other local tribes. armed patrols and ops, limiting access points etc ....... otherwise, business as usual
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  3. very good to hear u got ur stuff all planed out
  4. ok hmm…say one of your close military friends just called you with some news that either foreign troops or local police agencies will be confiscating weapons from homes involuntarily and executing people that resist defy. then like in the movies he hears some shouting otside his door you hear the door break down lots of gunfire and silence the phone goes dead and everybody's cell phone service has been disabled throughout the country . and now it just got serious
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    We wouldn't know anything happened, until our DirecTv Receiver didn't come on, and the SAT based Telco, DIDN't have a DialTone. We live in a 1000Yd wide Fjord, with 3500' Mountain Ridges, on both sides, with the water going North/South. Unless the Nukes were detonated above 20K feet, and within 50 Miles, all the EMP Waves would go right over the top of us, or never get here in the first place. No Nuke targets within 500 Miles of us, either.... Sure would be a lot quieter on the Ham Bands for a while.... Just be Business as usual, for us...
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  6. where do you live ?!?! alaska? thats basically the only place in use that has fjords haha
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    Yep, that is Exactly where I live... Far out in the Alaskan Bush....
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    Ever heard of Norway? Iceland? Italy? New Zealand? Ireland?

    These places have fjords by the definition of "fjord." Just like Antarctica is a desert.
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  10. oh sorry i forgot to include in america when i said alaksa was the only place that had em
  11. thank you again for your knowledge hmm nice to know you have a plan for the pole shift smart guy!
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    If only you paid attention in school. Maybe failed reading --

    (The devil made me say that.)
  13. hahahahaha actually i was the fastest reader in all of my class from preschool to when i dropped out i would always read so fast nobody could understand me and i enjoy reading its just i mess up typing and am too lazy to correct. and school was one of the most hated things in my life since a young age i never liked the idea of school and was always the class clown most disruptive and always getting suspended expelled detention the works. it was in high school when i really started smoking weed every day and drinking whenever possible i actually started ditching every day i was homeless at the time and they took pity on me and didn't get me in trouble when i didn't come to school for weeks. i would get in trouble and as I'm being escorted to the office just dip out the front door run away and smoke weed and get drunk sometimes idd be snot faced drunk 8 9 10 in the morning in the 9th grade.
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    Knowledge met with sarcasm . . . nice; methinks you do not know the subject of geography well. What does a pole shift have to do with the topic I was referring to: fjords? Please enlighten us.
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  15. but please believe i was drunk in class in the 8th grade too
  16. uhhm….. i weasnt being sarcastic? and look at the top post
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    We are so ever impressed of your drinking and weed smokin.... I am sure your girlfriend is as well..... maybe she will be happy when you head off to the woods and disappear. ;)
  18. i don't smoke anymore
  19. that was back when i was a kid i keep it chill now
  20. oh no she won't be happy she cries even time i talk about it but she's getting better
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