funny how nobody says 12 ga is too short ranged on men.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by meyah, Feb 19, 2006.

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    but a scoped, shorty 223 gets many such comments. The 223, with match ammo, has 3x the rangeof the shotgun with slugs, twice the range of pistol caliber carbines, 50% more range than an iron sighted AK (with .30 ak ball ammo) or 30-30, or 45-70 with modern ammo.Hypocrites are scared to take on all the guys who like such short ranged clunkers, but feel ok about castigating the 223 users.
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    You keep throwing up posts, but won't respond to replies. What you bypassed in your message is that of terminal ballistics. If you want maximum energy transference, the guage will do that way better than a 5.56. I'm not castigating the 5.56 as I use it in many applications, just have to pick the weapon for the circumstances. I could say that my .50 BMG will beat your 5.56 in all the catagories you use, but I wouldn't use it in in all situations.
    Come on, engage me, I'm waiting.
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    I'll get the popcorn [applaud]
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    Now, don't waste your time, he won't do it. He pointed himself out as a anarchist and that just ain't worth going after.
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    He really doesn't understand.
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    Well damn I guess we ran off the new chew toy:(
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    Theres so much wrong with this post its hard to know where to start but Ill give it a shot.
    First off you are trying to compare apples to turtles again with a scoped .223 vs. iron sites on the AK and match ammo in the .223 vs ball ammo in the AK, but that aside we will try to correct some of the other flaws in your rambeling. First off over 90% of those hit by small arms fire in combat are inside of 200 yards and a slug will do 150 easily and can be pressed to 200 with little problem and when it hits will cause so much more trama to the target than a .223 that there is no comparison. Next, why would someone complain about the range of the .223 shortty and not the shotgun, well one of the most glareing things would be the fact that the shotgun is known to be primairly for closer range engagement where as the .223 is a rifle and rifles are generaly expected to be able to enguage at long range and the list of options supirior to the .223 shorty for long raange engagement of targets is so long its easier to simply state that the only rifle calibers likely to be INFERIOR would be the .22 and maybe the .17 hmr.
    Then while not specificly broached in your post it stands out that you neglect or are unaware of the far superior ability of a shotgun to put them down for the count at close range and for non military use the total versitility of the shotgun for defence as well as hunting. [boozingbuddies]
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