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Funny Illegal Immigrant video

Discussion in 'Humor - Jokes - Games and Diversions' started by thepatriot1976, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. thepatriot1976

    thepatriot1976 Resigned Membership

    I hope this isn't too far over the top but I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it and thought I would share it with you guys! Please don't be mad if it's over the top for this site just warn me and I won't post anything like it again.


    The Patriot.....


  2. MbRodge

    MbRodge Monkey+++

    AWESOME!!! Loved it!
  3. RouteClearance

    RouteClearance Monkey+++

    What's over the top about it? We are definitely anti PC here, just follow the rules of common decency and respect of others here.
  4. thepatriot1976

    thepatriot1976 Resigned Membership

    I saw the warning that said "Tasteful Please", and wasn't sure how tasty this would be. I wouldn't want to offend any of our illegal immigrant friends now would I? (Yah right) But I'm glad your anti-pc cause I hate that stuff. I believe it's contributing to the destruction of our society as we know it.[beer]
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