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    Regarding Cell_Star77 (= Cellphone,,,, dialing *77 for State Highway Patrol)

    I apologize for posting this way but could not get it to format properly. Please open & have a read. annie The Life you save might be your own !

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    I thought it was different for each state. I know in MO for instance *55 gets the MOHP. I will have to check that out though and make sure. Is it supposed to work like 911 that it just connects to the nearest one, as in the state you happen to be in, or how dose it work?
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    yes, it's different for each state. Although many states to use *77 some use *HP, *55, etc.

    Your best bet is to call 911 in any case, you know that will get you to an operator, or at least on hold for one.
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    It's an old story from 2001 (I've seen variations). Even if part of it is embellished, it still has a good message; Beware of who you trust.

    Snopes has a rather lengthy article on it, the Origins section has some great info. and similar cases. Check it out!
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