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    Our family has young readers and we challenge them with quality books. Currently we are reading, The Young Carthaginian: A Story of the Times of Hannibal, the following is a quote from the book that was applicable throughout history as it is today:

    It seems to be the fate of all nations that, as they grow in wealth, so they lose their manly virtues. With wealth comes corruption, indolence, a reluctance to make sacrifices, and a weakening of the feeling of patriotism. Power falls into the hands of the ignorant many. Instead of the destinies of the country being swayed by the wisest and best, a fickle multitude, swayed by interested demagogues, assumes the direction of affairs, and the result is inevitable -- wasted powers, gross mismanagement, final ruin." -- Hamilcar​

    A bit about Henty: G. A. Henty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Amazon.com: The Young Carthaginian: A Story of the Times of Hannibal (9781890623012): G. A. Henty: Books
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