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    So I'm pretty new to them. Setup three and went to work for two months. When I returned I had over 30,000 photos. Yikes. Lesson learned was don't have a sprig of grass or tree branches in front of them. It will take me forever to go through the photos. Made it through about a thousand before giving up. Guess it will give me something to do at work next hitch. So school me on tips and tricks so this doesn't happen again.

    Found one critter on the lake camera. It was taken two days before I left for work in the first batch of 1K I reviewed:

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    Some cameras have a sensitivity setting. Finding the right setting for your area and weather conditions can take a lot of trial and error.

    These cameras have firmware. Some of the better manufacturers may occasionally release new or improved firmware.

    There is free software which can thumbnail all 30k pics so they are easier to go through :)

    How fast is your fastest internet connection? We can send some download links.
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    Hope this helps :)

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    I've got one Moultrie M-990i and two Moultrie A-5/A-8.
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    Weeds blowing in the wind seem to be my problem.
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    Thinks....*must configure my ghillie suit to resemble a slow moving tumbleweed.*

    How to Make a Tumbleweed Costume (3 Steps) | eHow


    Doh! this giraffe thought of it before me....though it made the mistake of making edible camouflage too irresistible to eat.


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