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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Tooka couple of hours today and walked around Gander mtn for the fun of it(" m-t" wallet). saw a couple of wallet teasers : An h&r 45-70 single shot buffalo classic rifle piqued my interest
    (32" bbl target type aperture (peep) sight with a hooded front, very cool
    < $500.00.
    Also very cool:
    Were several 1895 lever "guide guns", in the same 45-70. 45-70 factory ammo $40.00/box.:eek: I was shaken but not nearly as bad as the boxes of 338 on the next shelf over $79.00/box 20![peep][shtf] I was surprised to see
    all the ARr's ( s&w and colt) in.22lr? had the requisite multiple rails for all the add on "tacticool b. S." ones check book can afford.:D[peep]
    Shotgun side had a stoeger sxs double blue 12ga coachgun I liked new at $350.0, and one stoeger "defense" coach gun in 20 ga( black stocks/finish with an accessory rail under the center barrel rib.(simple is good). anda beautiful used Ruger red lable o/u for $1,000, a nice citori or two... Fun. Not too many folks inside, and the sales folks weren't obnoxious.. ;)
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    I think I am done buying guns from the stores in Pennsylvania since every firearm purchase requires an instant state police background check and registration.

    I will look at the papers and buy locally from now on. Still looking for a Ruger 10/22.
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