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    I was revamping my garden plan for fall. I just draw things out and look at the spring and rotate for fall. As I was doing this planning I was looking at beginning and ending frost dates for last plantings of some new plants im trying this fall. Here is where you can find your beginning and end frost dates.
    New Mexico Interactive Last Frost Map
    Just type your zip at the top

    I also found this garden planning online. This is really a good one as it helps with a whole host of things that I do by hand. (i.e. succession planting for carrots, radishes, lettuce etc for more than one crop per season, seed lists, planting charts etc)
    Give this a try its really good from the Farmers'Almanac site
    The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Planner
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    I am 1800 ft higher than the town zip code. Could be frost down there and still just a dew up here.. A helpful post and will have look it up..
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    I think it's called free map tools but if you search 'interactive elevation map' you can find several that you can get an elevation on a specific point.
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    google earth has elevations.
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    County tax offices has map's on line that gives elevation, different viewing formats, propperty line, and a nice red pin on every structure on a given propperty.. Hmmm... Don't know how I feel about that last feature...

    However I have found it helpful in knowing what is about me here..
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