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Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by runswithdogs, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Otherwards known as my new AreoGarden Bounty!
    So where I live, gardening is kinda a no go, we dont have room & living on the north sea, the weather isent really helpful. Short growing season. Salt in air... 40+ mph winds as a regular thing.... everything sitting on a big block of granite..... you get the idea.

    So a while back I saw the areogarden bounty on half price with amazon.. which was still a whopping £130+ but I still bought it, cause well nevermind.. I needed it!

    My first run with it was the Herb starter kit that came with it and It did amazingly well.. well the basil & mint did & actully choked out most of the other stuff as I wasent using it fast enough to keep it from you know.. choking the rest out (Oh & the thyme was fine)
    This was taken 43 days after I started it. (& right after I had used a large handful of the basil from the back for the 3rd/4th time)

    Last week I decided to start a new lot so repotted the 3, now massive, basil (which is not freaking happy at the moment as I had to chop a lot of the massive root system off just to get it out of the darn thing.) mint & thyme. I dont really care for parsley & the chives & fennel wernt worth repotting .

    I have now started Tomatoes & Peppers/chilies in it..
    From seed I have planted 5 types of tomatoes, 2 types of jalapeno & 2 chillies ( I think one is spicey & the others a sweet pepper but I dont remember. wrote it down somewhere though so will add that info later.)

    This is day 4.


    & Yes, those are 4 of the tomato plants already sprouted :D
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    Lid goes up to 2 foot high & once they get that big Im going to put in pots. Unless the roots get to big first because I dont want to damage them to much when repotting.
    Lots of people use them for tomatoes & peppers with really good results but they're usally using the ones that you can get to go with the system so my guess is theyre probably dwarf types.. I bought the seeds for the (heritage) ones I wanted but not planning to leave in indefinatly
    Theres plenty of room underneath (its like a basket that holds the peat plug with the seeds from falling through . ) for roots to grow.
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    You can always replant in a Grow Bucket. These work well in Alaska. Should be fine there as well.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    a simple hoop shelter or even a back porch with wind protection could work...
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    Dont take this the wrong way...but there is no way you'll get good tomatoes outta that little thing.
    I can BARELY get 2 tomatoes in the bottom rack of my full sized tower garden without the roots becoming a PITA.

    (not mine)

    (def not mine)
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    Is there any chance that you could start the seed pods in thin, plastic pots that would fit in the base of the grow tub?
    If so, the plastic pots could then be cut off of the roots without much damage, and then transplanted.
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  8. runswithdogs

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    Yes, thats the one & no, not ezactly, the wee plastic baskets would be reusable (as long as you can get the plants out without damaging the roots or dont care-ie theyre past) & you can buy the peat plugs on there own to use your own seeds. you can also get another tray thats just for starting seeds that you then plant out in your garden (if you have one) giving them a good jump start over just planting as usual

    I plan to pot them out once they get to a good size. where im at id have no chance in hell of getting Any tomatoes ever under normal curcumstances so even if i get a handful, that actully would be awsome.

    No, but as long as I keep an eye on them & transplant to pots before they get to big to pull out they should be fine, the problem I had with the basil was that the rootball on 2 of them were literally the size of my forarm . no chance of getting it out without taking the scissors to it.
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  9. Ganado

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    Global Buckets

    i had that problem with the aero garden as well. I went to global buckets but if you are growing indoors all year round. Meaning you need to suppliment with lights fall and winter, then a Kratky method for lettuce and leafy veggies might be better and dutch buckets or global buckets for tomatoes and peppers.

    THis guy had great video's on gardening in a greenhouse and hydroponically
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    My aerogarden grows massive amounts of basil. Love it!

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  11. runswithdogs

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    So 23 days in & I could see the roots were going to be to big to get out soon so Ive repotted everything & started a new batch of just tomatoes.
    we had a bit of unhappy wilting for about 6 hours and then they perked back up

    This was taken 24 days after I planted the seeds.
    tom1. tom2.
    Its still to cold to put them outside so ive managed to get them on my front windowsill so they get about as much light as possible, hopefully by the time the second batch is ready to pot I will be able to put them out on the back deck.
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    @runswithdogs you just sold me on the AreoGarden. I should get a tower garden but I think the garden bot will fit better into our home. This looks like it works really well. You have beautiful healthy looks plants.
  13. runswithdogs

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    Im really happy with it so far, normally I cant grow mold so this is way cool. Forgot to mention those are in 9" pots. :D
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