Gardening in the rain

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by alaskachick, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Living in a rain forest in S.E. Alaska has its unique challenges. I would love to hear from other gardeners that have dealt with lots of water. Also we often have a freeze/thaw cycle that I have to add to the equation. Thanks in advance :)
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    Wood chips....lots and lots and truckloads and lots more of wood chips.
    Soaks up the water real good.

    Also helps to switch from beer to whiskey (or anything with a cap on it) so that the rain doesn't water it down too much. It never stops raining in the BC winter...long johns, good boots, good gloves a canvas duster with riding straps so u can still kneel on the ground...figure u prolly already got that gear though.
    We've had to dig ditches down the the clay all around the house to channel the rain water out to the road and main run off ditch...sux.
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