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    Trellis in is a PITA but for most fruit in plants tresses ingredients is essential. I love this guy. He shows how to do a simple trellis for a medium size garden that us simple, easy and fast. He builds the trellis slightly different for eggplant because it's more delicate at the stem.

    Best part is easy fall clean up. If you have ever used tomatoe cages you know what I'm talking about!

    What are your best tips tricks or tools for gardening?
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    We use more permanent structures for trellises or espalier trees! It's kind of a hobby for me, I build Asian style arbors, fences, raised beds and trellises, and if I do say so, they are very attractive and strong.
    Another hobby is growing bamboo (in containers) it looks good with those arbors, etc. It's what we use when we need a temporary trellis. It's very handy stuff, punji stakes,:D teaching the kids/grand kids to make fishing spears, anything that needs a strong shaft. Hoping to post photos in the nest few days. :)

    BTW, we've lived here for 41 years. You can stick a shovel 1.5' into the organic garden soil with two fingers!
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    Can u shat a couple of pics?

    I love espalier trellis ingredients for trees. Especially fruit trees. It's pretty intensive gardening but I don't know much about it. Would love to hear more.

    Also what bamboo are you growing in pots ? Variety? Size of pot? How often can you harvest? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    Will do. Out of town at this time!
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    Onions, Get the right onions for your area
    I go here and look for new varieties for my area
    Dixondale Farms, Onion Plants Since 1913 - Onion Plants
    I use 'Short Day' onions
    Short-Day Onions
    • Start bulbing process when daylength reaches 10-12 hours
    • Mature in 110 days when planted in the south during winter or early spring
    • Mature in 75 days when planted in northern states in late spring but will not get very large
    • The earlier you plant them, the larger they get
    • Best suited for latitudes of 25-35
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