Gas or Electric trolling motor?

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  1. D2wing

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    I have a big boat that is a pain to use. 19 ft I/O. I want a small boat to put in local lakes and take my grandson fishing. My neighbor has a 14 ft aluminum fishing boat and trailer he will sell cheap. No motor though. He used an electric tiller motor, I am trying to decide between that and a small gas motor. I want it to be light enough to carry easy. This will be used on small lakes 2-3 miles across. I am thinking a 4-10 hp or electric. What do you think?
  2. DarkLight

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    Well, the only boat I've ever "owned" was the one I was responsible for when my folks lived in Okinawa for several years. It was a SeaRay Sundeck 220 and only had I/O. That having been said, the people I know around here with something like you are describing have both a gas outboard and an electric trolling motor. In a pinch, if the ol' Evinrude doesn't cooperate, they can still get home on the trolling motor. It'll take time, but it'll get the job done.

    2-3 miles across doesn't sound like much until you are in the middle and dead in the water. A mile either way is not a swim I'd be wanting to make.

    It will be a little more (or maybe a lot, haven't priced them) but the old axim of "Two is One and One is None" comes in to play here.
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  3. oldawg

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    Electric is light until you add the weight of the battery.2 to 3 miles across stretches you real thin on battery reserve. Remember you gotta get back. Small outboards 4-6 hp are the way to go. Light enough to carry and fuel efficient. Three gallon tank would probably get you thru a weekend.
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  4. Cruisin Sloth

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    Small boats with a beefed up transom , hank two motors & use gas to get there electric to troll stealth, Both small , if you can't plane on the step , then your pushing water uphill.
    I have a boat
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  5. fmhuff

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    If you want light then gas may be your answer. You can pack more energy density into a liquid fuel than you can an equivalent battery. It's also easier to refill the tank than recharge. I like electrics for the quiet and some of the places we go don't allow ICE. If you're thinking of buying a new gas motor some of them are very quiet.
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  6. kellory

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    This is mine. 14' v-hull 15" draft (shallow and perfect for fishing) with a 5hp evenrude that just sips gas. A one gallon tank would last all day. The 3&1/2 gallon tank it has is good for several days.
    Since, here anyways, a paddle is required (minimum) I have a full set of oars. No trolling motor yet. But, a rain poncho, the oars, and part of the anchor line, and I could sail her home.;)
  7. Gopherman

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    Electric with an R/V Solar charging system and a Small gas engine, I'm getting a Canoe with a transom on the back real soon, almost bought one last weekend. Looking into the Charging system, I'll get back to you on that one.
    I do know they sell them for boats.
  8. BlueDuck

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    I have several boats, a canoe and 2 kayaks. I have both gas and electric motors and they both have their place. I like trolling with the electric motor best (if its not windy) because its so quiet. My canoe has a square transom and I use a 2.5 hp four stroke or my electric. Just depends on where and how far I intend to go. Lots of smaller lakes don't allow gas engines either, so in that case the electric motor is a no brain er.
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  9. ditch witch

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    We have a 21' bass boat with a Yamaha 200 gas outboard and a 60lb thrust bow mount electric trolling motor that is hanging on by a thread thanks to the Mr. running it into a few too many rocks last year. The thing I like about our electric troller is it's totally silent, plus it's foot operated so when it's windy and we're trying to hold in one spot, you can operate it with your foot while keeping your hands on the rods. It hauls our boat around just fine on the smaller lakes. No clue on weight though, since it's bolted to the boat.

    He doesn't know it but this is going to be his Xmas present this year. :D
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  10. Gator 45/70

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    I had both on a 14' Allweld, 25 Johnson coupled with a 35lb thrust Minkota, Battery was a 750amp trolling motor battery. The Minkota could drag the boat for hours, Just raise the outboard up for less drag.
  11. D2wing

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    Thanks for the replies. I looked at some used gas motors yesterday. I was going to buy one but it wasn't pumping water. I also found a 16 ft boat with both already on it for not much more than I plan to spend on the 14 ft boat. I think I will start with a small gas motor if I go ahead with the 14. Or just buy the 16.
    The 16 is a late 70's Bluefin 16 with a console and electric start. It has a Mercury 10 hp and a Minnkota trolling motor. With trailer $1000. Not perfect but everything works. The 14 is a bare boat and trailer. I would have to buy a motor, lights, oars etc. I want to decide today. Maybe buy both and keep the one I like and sell the other? Hate to spend the money right now but could.
  12. D2wing

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    Well the a/c went out on my house today so the 1000 boat is out, besides the guy called and said it was sold.
    I did pick up a 4 hp Merc that needs a carb clean today. So I am sticking with the 14 Foot boat.
    I live on a lake that connects to the Mississippi. I am not sure that I can boat it though.
  13. madmax

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    I'ld go batt.
  14. NotSoSneaky

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    Get the 16'er. You can't make a small boat bigger. [tongue]
  15. Gator 45/70

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    I've taken a 14ft Jon boat into the Gulf a couple of times.
    I don't recommend it. The worst hazard I encounter all the time is logs. I have hit a few gators and gars.
  16. UncleMorgan

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    Batteries have a way of running fine for hours and then fading out just when they're needed the most. Even a small gas outboard is faster and has much better range at full power. When there's a possibility of icy rain or snow, getting back in a hurry may be very important. Ditto for an injury aboard. The best insurance (fresh water or salt) is more HP and more fuel that you ever thought you'd need. 'Cause you just might need it some day.
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  17. D2wing

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    I bought a 4 hp Merc. The guy wanted 250 for it. He couldn't start it. I told him it may just need fresh gas. He said he wants to get rid of it what would I do. I said that without it running I don't know if it needs an impeller or has other problems but I would risk it for 100. He said done. I got it home, put fresh gas in it, it popped right off and runs like a charm. I want to buy an electric also but my A/C went out, we have a big wedding coming up so I need it fixed, I was quoted $8000.00 to fix it choke, choke. With the money the wedding costs, I am in a bind. I am getting more quotes. That seems crazy high for a new a/c.
  18. Kingfish

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    Good grab on that 4 hp Merc. I have a Merc 9.9 on our jon boat 14 feet with the wide bottom 1448 Sea ark. We have run that motor hard since we bought it in 2003. 13 years never a single problem. I also have a transom mount 55 pound Minnkota endura on the bow. I made a special mount for it. so I have a electric up front and gas in the back. W e use the electric for positioning while casting for Musky or Pike, Bass etc. I use a large 31 series deep cycle battery for that which also runs our electronics. (sonar and GPS) .
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  19. BlueDuck

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    I have both gas and electric motors. I really like the electric motors for trolling and moving and positioning the boat when casting of jig fishing. Its hard to beat the quite.
  20. arleigh

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    There are a number of foot operated drives available worth looking into, that leave you pretty much hands free, except for steering of course.
    Being foot drive and that our legs are significant'y stronger than our arms the ease of movement, and endurance is significant.
    My brother tried out the Hobie "mirage drive" and due to the fact he is one handed, this was significant for him, and a very enjoyable experience.
    If you can walk you can pedal .
    There are other foot drive systems that uses a prop and gives you reverse which is very nice .
    Personally I like having all the options I can possibly afford ,but the 2 I am most leaning at this time is the pedal drive and an out board motor.
    Obviously if one has knee issues the electric trolling motor becomes the better option, along with the gas engine.
    I have been on the lake when a storm began to brew and the boat I was in barely had the power to fight the wind getting home.
    It's something to consider.

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