Gasoline pricing scam

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    From an older friend.
    Gasoline prices:

    In the mid 60’s when gasoline sold for .25 to .33 per gallon, union" 76 Motor Oil, which is the only brand engine oil I used at that time, cost .69 per quart. Today I checked at Wal-Mart, their regular price is $1.19 per quart. Havoline motor oil was on sale for 1.09 per quart. Can you explain why the oil companies can sell motor oil at less than twice the price they were charging 40 years ago when crude oil was selling for $6.00 to $9.00 a barrel, but can’t sell gasoline for less than 10 times the price it was selling for then?

    I think I figured the scam out. The only way they could do so is if the following scenario took place. The oil industry in this country would have to have made a deal with the large oil producing countries. The deal: If you will double the price of crude oil to us and give ½ of it back to us secretly behind every bodies back, we will pay that much to you for it. That way we can use the price as an excuse to increase the price of our main product, which is gasoline. This way we will both make more money with the same amount of labor involved. Now, it worked so well, the first time they used it during the early part of President Nixon’s term and in a few more periodic test trials during the later 1980’s, that they have and are now continuing to use this method on a steady on-going basis.

    If they are not doing something similar or exactly like this, and they are not getting some kind of kick back, the price of engine oil would have had to climb at the same percentage year by year, month by month, and say by day as gasoline did. Also many types of material used for the manufacture of clothes are basically made from oil or oil by-products as are most plastics etcetera. The prices of these articles have only increased at a normal inflation rate.

    The oil companies, by not having increased the prices of these other products, have convicted themselves and given evidence beyond any disputable question that they have used this, or a similar method of scam. And no one can tell me that the major politicians are not in some way aware that there are some very divisive and illegal actions going on in the oil industry to accomplish what they have.

    I have been a supporter of President Bush, but this could be his down-fall. He can’t be President without being aware of this!
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    What is also hurting us is our lack of production capacity. We could have all of the oil in the world but if we can't refine it...well we all look like Monkies banging a football.
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    I've thought about that before QUig.
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