Gathering by the creek dates set, 3-5 May

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    Finally got the OK on using the creek property for our gathering 3-5 May. Down on the Lanes creek meadow in Anson county, NC. We used to "snoop/poop" back there around the rock face. Will be doing some rappelling, reloading classes, shooting, lots of cooking/eating, lots of skills being taught and all free. Just bring your food, tent/camper/RV, and a bit of water. Will have a Porta John brought in. You can park in a field about a quarter mile away and ride in or drive to the site. Will be taking our little RV for a couple with allergy problems but will be tenting. If you want to come earlier you will be welcome and can help set up the ranges/sites. See you there. Please PM if you can help with it.
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