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    Container ships pass through the Gatun Locks some 80 Kilometers (50 miles) north of Panama City, Panama on Oct. 20, 2006. On Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006, voters were expected to approve the largest modernization project in the 92-year-history of the Panama Canal, expanding the waterway to allow for larger ships while alleviating traffic problems
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    I'm partial to the Miraflores live webcam located here.
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    Thanks Quig. I have great memories of riding my horse down to Gatun Lake so we could swim in that algae green water.
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    I began riding horses in the Panama Canal Zone. Since our hometown is gone I have made a website for Zonians to post photos and memories of our time in a lost paradise.

    Gatun Saddle Club
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    Welcome aboard, CZh. I would have been a Zonian if my father's orders hadn't been changed at the last minute.
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    I had a horse, Comanche, at the Gatun Club. Thanks for the message CZh. I look forward to connecting with old friends from the club.
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    Hello all. Lots more people coming by CZhorses everyday.

    Also, more in line with this board, Bulldancers also hosts Path Less Traveled - a site for homesteaders, back to landers, and survival minded folks. Just getting all the info together and organized - Submissions always welcome! Also have a section on the bulldancers forum site as well,

    Other wise I mostly hang out on Undernet on IRC downloading the vast library of info available in #audiobooks and #audiobookz among others. Gotta have a lib-berry of one's own - Just in case.

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    Hello CZ. I have also been collecting information and e-books, and I recently found this website: and it seems to work decent enough, although I am having some trouble downloading at the moment. If you have any links to where you locate information like this, I sure would be grateful if you could share some info.

    Thanks in advance!
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