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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gator 45/70, Jun 20, 2011.

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    sounds like good old fashioned community to me.
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    Ever seen a neighborhood watch group armed with AR's...
    The media will never use the word militia...just say'n
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    Around here someone could get hurt roaming around outside at night.
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    I'd feel much safer if they had airsoft guns instead of ARs

    It sounds like a recipe for tort litigation for wrongful arrest, unlawful imprisonment or assault occasioned by excessive use of force. They would be the lucky bubbas, the unlucky ones might be tried for murder or manslaughter if things go pear shaped and they pop some innocent or a ricochet hits a bystander.

    Some "professional" police officers don't fully understand the limits of their powers of arrest, nor what constitutes "reasonable force", so I wouldn't feel all that comfortable with a bunch of vigilante hicks armed to the teeth with assault rifles roaming the night. There's probably some among them (Bubba vigilantes) who would like the trophy head of a bleeding heart "liberal" on their cabin wall, just above their gun rack. : O
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    I swear Chello, I think you go out of your way to push my buttons. There is a little truth in what you say, but there is so much that is liberal falsehood that I have to speak. The average police officer over here has been shown to fire his weapon 5 times more than the average armed citizen just to hit his intended target (the bad guy), so who is more likely to be spraying bullets around to injure bystanders? CCW carry laws vary from state to state but the original Florida law which was written with the help of the NRA includes training in use of force and deadly force. It is a part of the course that they stress quite strongly. You see no one sleeping in class I assure you. I have no problem with you not being comfortable with this. This is our country, if you don't like it, STAY HOME!!! As to the taking of heads, some politicians who ignore the constitution, someday might be at risk, but for now are relatively safe. Outside foriegn interlopers, well that's another issue altogether. You, might consider that. I am pretty sure you would call me a hick, at least once. I have had two occasion to foil a robbery at knive point of my person with my concealed carry handgun. Maybe I am soft. I am far from blood thirsty. I allowed the perps to drop the knives and run for their lives. I fired a shot in neither instance. I read the entire 3 page posted article that was linked in the first post here. I understand the reasons the people there formed their neighborhood protection group, and I am glad they are working with and not against the local law enforcement. I have no desire to spend time in Canada, England, or Australia due to your restrictive stupid liberal ineffective gun laws. If you don't like the way we do things too bad.
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    Very tasteful and well spoken. I don't expect any member of the Commonwealth to understand the US and how things are done here. I know a few that have moved here and they all tend to understand after living here a spell.

    I can see both sides of the argument. Vigilantes can be as much trouble as brutal police. I wouldn't say "more trouble". It all comes down to the golden rule. Of course, its hard to argue with with the group if there is no other option like police intervention. The Sheriff seems to have a lot to say about the group being safe. I would suggest putting a little applied analytics and direct deputy patrols more efficiently. Its not about being everywhere at once. Its about being where break-ins are most likely to occur at the times they are most likely to happen. I am viewing this through the prism of my specialty, but I'd advocate continuing the patrols until you could replace the Sheriff ;) That is absolutely terrible proactive policing.

    Below is form the article and kind of exemplifies my sentiment on shoot-don't shoot. I lead PLT STX for the entire CO on S-DS scenarios. It sums up every single Rule of Engagement or Escalation of Force that I have ever followed.
    “If you can live with what you did, I think the law is going to protect you,” he told the crowd. “But you’ve got to use some judgment in these cases.”
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    chello-oldboy (sigh) It's like this in Louisiana...Armed neighborhood watch's spring up every so often...Like before during and after a hurricane's hit's us...It's normal down here...However what is abnormal about this no storm has passed other than a storm of methhead's beaking in home's for drug storm has wind and rain and the other storm has crowbar's and wheel's...Are you aware that a Sheriff's can order his deputy's to ''CHOOT''looter's after a Hurricane? The Louisiana Law mandate's a automatic sentance of 5 year's min.time for a conviction of looting..Serious business down here...Geauxbubba out !!!

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    I live on a no outlet dirt road in the woods. The kind of place where the dogs bark if they don't know the sound of a vehicle. LOL
    It is remote here and as a neighbor said stop anytime but after the porch light is off don't feel offended if my hands are filled.
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