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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Jul 30, 2010.

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    isn't that special
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    Are you serious??? I never heard of such a thing! I'd rather take a bullet than this!
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    that's slang for "just ****ing great.. ". Think sarcasm.. heavy heavy sarcasm.
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    somehow, I really doubt this.
    Taliban and HIV-1 'dirty bombs' : erv

    No, i'm not a scientist or anybody that knows too much about viruses. Even if the virus survived being buried in the sand for any length of time, I doubt that it would survive the heat of the explosion when it detonated.

    I did a quick google, which anyone should do before posting a news article (especially from "The Sun") Pretty much every other article out there points directly back to the "Sun's" article. That doesn't lead me to believe there's any merit to the article.

    A little research does go a long way on the net - where we all know that everything on net is "true".
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    Good catch. Some notes on HIV and this particular use (if true). The virus can remain alive outside the body and in dried fluid for a few days but it needs to be in a VERY high concentration to increase the likelihood of transmission by way of volume increasing chance. If this is true, it's probably a fear factor move more than anything. But chance is always a bitch.
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    Upppsss...Sorry... :D
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    My thoughts exactly...
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    It is more than not possible, it is extremely unlikely to use the HIV for any type of ingredient in a delivery explo5ive device. Now, if one had said "ricin" or "anthr4x" or something like that, maybe...maybe. Truth be told, it would be far easier for those dastardly terrori5t5 to just infect a few of their own with a deadly communicable viru5 and just take a few airport hops. Less investment, less chance of being caught and stopped, a more drastic results. But, naturally we must also remember that the CIA runs this whole game so nothing is really out of the equation entirely. It's their show.

    Plus, I do believe that AIDS has already been active long enough to prove its effectiveness and the means by which it is spread. Make it airborne, however? Who knows? That would be the icing on the cake for sure.

    And if you believe this to be the worst of it, you are sadly mistaken.

    I have had the opportunity over the years to run in to some people in the biotech field...and the future of bio-warfare is not in strictly organic gene profiling and culture. It's in nano-technology. Spread through the water or food supplies, and even vaccines -these microscopic machines (even cell sized) can lay dormant in the body for many years doing nothing at all except wait for its genetic code to be "switched on". Sounds too sci-fi right? Radio frequency, EMP, enzymes, you pick your trigger. Maybe it was that Twinkie or the pill from the doctor -maybe a flu shot. Well, I am no expert, but anybody can do some googling for "nanotech" and "food" to see where this is going. And for your info, the technology being reported on most times is at least a decade behind what is being utilized in secret. But that's obvious. "But they have to tell us what's in the food, don't they?" -No. They don't, and they won't.
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    A sign of the times.....? It seems there are a LOT of 'red herring' stories buzzing the Internut Airwaves lately........
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    Last I red that BigPharma will start some sort of nano-encoding directly on every pill, so when they scan you, they know what you've been on and for how long!!!
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