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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Tango3, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Hey I found a new forum to "
    to muss up"...
    the (MY) old beater toshiba laptop ( 1new lcd, -1usb port, alittle surface mount component soldering,several power jack "redos") 12hrs/7/365 is getting perilously close to fragmentation.So I started looking around and as usual stepping out of the market for a few years and trying to get back up to speed is like trying to take a drink from a firehose."Duocore/triplecore/quadcore" mania!

    I do everyday stuff: ebay,e-mailing ,alot of photo editing, video watching;I'd like to get into simple video editing eventually. I am not and have no real intention of becoming a "gamer".
    the current slave ("flog monkey" ) on the desk is a 15"toshiba satelite, pentium4, running xp, under 2g ram (?).
    I'm sure any step up to a modern multicore machine is going to get an "ohhh face" and make my eyes spin like a cartoon one armed bandit in a nursing home.:D
    I see AMD is.5 step behind intel for the serious game geeks who think nothing of buying a mother board and chipset, overclocking the processor in the backseat on the way out of the parking lot. But

    The real question:I can't see paying big bucks for a super processor. How does the Amd multicore family stackup in real everyday use? Or is it intel all the way? I 've also found neg comments re 64 vs 32 bit hardware(?)

    What's the "geekspeak" on the latest consumer hardware? Any experience or recommendations would be helpful.( we are jsp buy the hp from the hp store online kinda folks and have had goodluck with hp.

    Never touched a mac except that one time in a nudie bar in Tulsa. and the cops still can't prove that.
    oh yeah I've just about got the cfo talked into a budget of $1000.:) I certainly don't need anything more expensive than that. Have at it and Thankyou in advance; any replies will be helpful.
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    In the newer computers, Intel has the market with the dual core and quad core processors with regards to heat issues and the overall performance. If you're getting a laptop, I'd stay with an Intel processor and DDR2 memory for faster bus speeds.

    I really really hate HP's support on their website, you cannot find what you're looking for as fast as you can on Dell's website when you enter your service tag to find drivers, software, etc.

    Get a hard drive that will be more than enough even if you don't think you'll ever fill it up. Otherwise, you'll end up using it all up and end up needing an external HD for storage.
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    Thanks I've already met that condition on my daily beater.Was looking at 1Tb hd space 6 g's ram...amazing amount of memory to me...
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    what OS will you be using?
    if you use Vista, the "buzz on the street" is that unless you use 64bit OS you will only see 3GB of RAM so you'd be wasting your money.

    (here's a little tidbit to look at)

    but a better reference would be here
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    Guess the decision is to run 32 bit vs. 64 bit architecture.That was written in Jan 2008, 64 bit machines and software come of age yet?
    I read the 3-4g memory "map hole" (Hey you're a "map hole!":)) is due to backwards compatibility?
    probably box stock out the gate vista; though the open source folks always get my vote.(someday when I've got a month empty I'll do the dual boot cd thing and get a few books.Penguins up!
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    Last xmas when I bought my m1730 (Dell) I decided to stick with vista ultimate 32bit. Had to be limited to just 4gigs of ram since the OS will only use 3gigs. The dual nvidia 7800's each get 512m of the other gig for texturing and making pretty pictures.

    Am thinking of switching to 64bit this spring and bumping the ram to 8gigs. Dunno yet. Have been running server 2008 64bit on a single core w/ 1 gig ram and am liking it. Really wish I could play around with a real box sporting the 2TB max! Yeah yeah I know...wish in one hand and Sh$t in the other and see which one fills up first. Ah well. Some day!

    Oh crap was off on a tangent! Standard dual and now even quad core laptops with decent ram and graphics are doable for under a grand. Sounds like you'd be fine with any dual core w/ 4-6gigs of ram. And the 64/32bit option really shouldn't affect you either way. Other than the ram restriction. Do check on any software that you wish to use that was written in the age of the dinosaurs though. And by that in computers means 1998ish! :rolleyes:

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