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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. TXKajun

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    I have a buddy who has an apartment he rents out. His tenant is a mechanic for one of the oil company support companies around here. A while back, he bid on a Unimog at an auction site and won! He spent a couple of months fixing it up and today was its maiden voyage. The kewl factor of this thing is over the moon!!! Love it!

    And yep, that's me next to it......we're at our local shooting range. :)

  2. stg58

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    Love it!:5s:
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  3. Meat

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    Cool. [afro]
  4. stg58

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    Almost as cool as my Yugo...

  5. Altoidfishfins

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  6. Ura-Ki

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    UNI-MOG ( Unit Tractor ) trucks are truly in a class of there own, there are ZERO other rigs around like them! They are also extremely expensive to repair when they break, and when they do break, they are stuck where they lay until you can fix them, cause no one else is going to be able to get to them, let alone get them out! Still, I would take one IF I need all the built in capabilities they have. Nice score, and a super nice ride to really get lost with! Now swap in a Cummins B5.9 and really have some fun!
  7. Sgt Nambu

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    Seriously, dude? Almost nothing's cooler than a Yugo!!! :D
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  8. Dunerunner

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    Absolutely a 10 on the Cool-o-meter!!
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  9. rockriver

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    I love it
  10. Motomom34

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    What would you use one for? Why would someone spend so much on one of these?
  11. RouteClearance

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    The SEE truck is one of the pieces of equipment I was taught to use when I reclassed as a Heavy Equipment Operator when I was in the Guard 10 years ago.

    Suffice to say, the SEE truck is one of the most useless pieces of heavy equipment that was used by the Army Corp of Engineers. The backhoe was the only redeeming and useful part. It is the front loader that cannot have no more than half a bucket full because there is not enough weight in the back to keep the rear end planted and not raising of the ground and as stated above,these are very prone to breaking down and are very expensive to fix.

    This is the Army's replacement for the SEE truck

    A much better piece of heavy equipment
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  12. Ganado

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    It's a guy thing @Motomom34 [hug}
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  13. RouteClearance

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    But in this case,a very expensive and wasteful one. Believe me, I was a 21E in the Guard and the SEE trucks were the most useless pieces of heavy equipment that the Corp of Engineers had in it's inventory.
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  14. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu RIP 4/19/2018

    The front loader, on the SEE Truck, would work fine for me! I'd just put the wife's azz on the backhoe!
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  15. TXKajun

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    Yugo?? YUGO???? How old is that thing? Can you still get parts for it?? (y)

    Yeah, the owner of the Unimog said there were several parts he had to order straight from Germany......and pay shipping on.

    motomom, this is definitely a guy thing. And a popular PAW fiction writer's dream. Yes, they'e expensive, but he only has about $2K more into it than we have into our Toyota Camry. And his WOW factor is way higher! :)

    Thanks for all the comments, ya'll. It was truly an awesome vehicle. One thing....on the way down from their town, the Unimog would only get up to ~46 mph. He thinks there's a linkage that limits the speed and can fix it easily.


    This guy is one of the few "Natural Born Shooters" that I've ever seen. He shoots a compact .45 and is just flat out awesome with it. He's only been out a shooting a couple of times and he was hitting golf balls at 20 yards easily.
  16. RouteClearance

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    Sorry , but the top speed is 45-50mph, it is that unique transmission that limit the top speed, but you do have a great low speed 4wd. Never saw one get stuck, and that was at the bogs of Camp Atterbury.
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  17. RouteClearance

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    The Mercedes 6 cylinder inline 346 cubic inch diesel runs strong and is rated at 110 hp. Behind that is a 16 speed transmission for all kinds of gear speeds. Top speed rated by the military is 50mph, but its not safe to go that fast if it will with all the attachments on. 35-40 mph is a safe top speed with the attachments on or you can go 45-50 mph with them off. It also has disc brakes. The 4×4 system works fine, the front and rear differential will lock together providing true 4 wheel drive.

    1988 UNIMOG Mercedes SEE tractor loader backhoe 3528 miles | C&C Equipment
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  18. Bandit99

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    I would love to get my hands on one that was in good shape. I would turn it into a communications truck. I imagine they cost an arm, a leg and an earlobe to repair.
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  19. VisuTrac

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    Funeral services will be held for @Sgt Nambu Wednesday the 21st with a luncheon at the VFW following the service. ;)
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  20. enloopious

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    I was looking for wine in this thread. Bummer.
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