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    I could be a she/native american indian/sis gender white male oppressor with cognitive bi polar mulitiplex quadraparapalegicithonizm, freedemocide and cuz well - perversion should be legal...or something like that.

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    As Mr Gormsby (of "Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby" noteriety) would say...."....and there's nothing wrong with that!" Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Well, uh, Lauren, I mean Larry, if your reading this, I have one more open spot on my boat for fishing this Saturday. Be sure and bring a 12 pack and be ready to hang with the dudes, I have all the fishing tackle. Oh yeah, no high heels on the boat, and does Canada have a Selective Service you have to register with now, just in case of a military emergency, like they need tons of ground pounders and cannon fodder?
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    I know what is the correct washroom MG , Any time you need a hand (Into one ,only) I'll push !
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    I do not understand all this stuff. And I am not sure what a physical exam would have done. She is identifying as.... because she thinks or feels, she is??? It is stupid. I was wondering where the over abundance of feeling and thought examination came from. You no longer are what you are but what you feel you are. It is all goofball to me. And what exactly is Justin doing? And why is Canada only limiting it to male/female. What if someone feels they are a cat? will they be discriminated against?
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  6. ghrit

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    I admire the chutzpah of that youngster, just for exposing the idiocy alone. What I don't get is how she managed to retain a straight face.
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  7. chelloveck

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    Well, Mr Lauren are clearly filling your portfolio for entry into the Wolf Blitzer academy of investigative "journalism"...I do have to wonder at your moralizing about transgender folks' lack of objective honesty, when you are clearly not showing much of that rare commodity yourself...I mean to say....pranking medicos and public officials as an evidently, (if we are to believe Mr Southern's claims) cisgender woman, claiming to be a transgender man....that's pretty impressive douchebaggery just there.

    I have to question your claims to being a libertarian, based on this stunt.....clearly you seem to be favoring anti-libertarian stereotypes of gender conformity over individuals for whom enforced gender conformity is a denial of their identity as they experience it. Some libertarian you are!

    I agree, the physical examination might merely confirmed that Mr Southern has gestational and lactating sex organs, rather than impregnating sex organs. Gender identity is not simply a matter of what sex organs one has...

    Furthermore....Mr Southern has made the rookie mistake of equating gender presentation with gender identity....they are two quite separate things. The former relates to how one may appear, physically and perhaps behaviourally....the other relates to how one perceives oneself. For most, gender presentation, gender identity, and sex, are all happily congruent....for some....that is less so.
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  8. Bandit99

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    "Gender identity is not simply a matter of what sex organs one has..."
    Even when it comes to legal documents identifying you? If you are laying on a cold slab in the morgue the first thing they will want to know is if you are a male or female and it will not matter how you perceive or desire yourself to be.

    Dictionary definition of 'identity': "the fact of being who or what a person or thing is."
    I.D. Card is exactly what it says it is. It establishes the persons' identity via their physical characteristics: sex, race, eye color, markings...

    "...equating gender presentation with gender identity...The former relates to how one may appear, physically and perhaps behaviorally....the other relates to how one perceives oneself."
    For goodness sakes, Chello, get real! Do we now get rid of the word 'identity' and replace it with 'presentation'? In fact, I say you got it wrong and need to reverse it. You may present yourself as a female, consider yourself to be one in all manner of thinking but in fact, by definition (above) your identity is indeed male defined by what you are physically.

    I truly hope you do realize how ridiculous this all sounds. How one perceives oneself can many times be unrealistic even pure fantasy, sometimes horrific (think devil worshipers, serial murderers, etc.). But, when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it a person is what they physically are. I might think I am 6' 4" in height but I am in reality 5' 8". A 20 year-old male is a male if given the correct plumbing. He is not a 6-year old girl in age or body. An Asian is not a Negro even if she/he identifies as one.

    Now, should the person feel more comfortable as a different gender and prefers to live their life in that manner then who is to say it is wrong, certainly not me. I think in that regard we all agree and understand. But, identification should reflect the physically characteristics of the individual . Should those characteristics change then the identification should change. For example, Bruce Jenner whose name now is Kaitlyn Jenner and I imagine is shown as a female on her identity card since having a sex change. But, I acknowledge that soon when DNA/Genes will be use to establish identity this might no longer be acceptable with the DNA/Gene test stating male or female no matter what external changes have occurred and caring not how one perceives themselves or what even the brain thinks its true gender might be.

    This is exactly the type of stuff that hurts the LGBTQ community which has indeed come a long way and rightly so. The community needs to stick to the important facts of equality and acceptance and not go off on tangents. They have made many wonderful improvements and advances that not only affect them but all of us but it is these types of ridiculous issues that hurt more than help the community and give those of narrow minds cause to spew hate and discontent. The politicians pushing this nonsense care not that it hurts more than helps the LGBTQ community.

    On another note, I thought the reporter did a really good job showing how unbelievably ludicrous this situation has become and showed insightful reporting, good presentation and even restraint by not too harshly demeaning it instead simply going through the process letting viewers see for themselves.
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  9. arleigh

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    So a perp is running down the street away from the crime, and you are trying to describe the perp to the cops so they can be arrested .
    " I can't tell you if it was a guy or a girl and I can't tell you if they are Hispanic, black or white."
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  10. 3M-TA3

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    Looked in my pants - I have a boy thingy, so it looks like I'm male. Done.
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  11. Motomom34

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    But that is so scientific without the feelings and emotions. Remember that lady that identified as a black woman but she was actually white? She felt she was black though allegedly we are all the same, for some reason that white lady wanted to be a black person. This is all ludicrous and the whole gender blending and all these new labels make it hard to not offend anyone.

    He is a female because he wants to be one but he still has his junk and dates women so is Bruce actually a lesbian, transvestite? Or just a cross dresser with nice boob?
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