Generac 2507-1 24volt charger question

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    I was at a yard sale today and picked up the above mentioned charge unit. I think it was originally used to maintain a battery on a larger generator. I have been looking into doing some sort of battery backup for critical circuits (heater, water pump, refrigerator and freezer). My question is will this unit work to keep a bank of 4, 6 volt battery's (24) maintained until i need them. I plan to put some solar panels up in down the road but until then this would be my temp backup. My second question is setting up a second Critical circuits curcit breaker box. Can someone lead me to a site that explains what i need to do for this, and a suggestion to a good converter to convert from 24 volt back to 110. OBTW i picked up the charger for $30.

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    My guess is it would work on a small bank for maintenance purposes, and if you didn't discharge the system too much too often. My question would be: Does it cut off when the batteries are 'full' ? other words, IS it a real charge controller.....or simply a 'dumb' charger that keeps going until you manually shut it off.

    You might want to study up on 'converters' of 24v to 120v AC ( which are call inverters ).....many of the ones made are also chargers as well as inverters. Look at Outback inverters, for example.
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    Bits and pieces on the charger question.

    1. The heat sink components lead me to believe that this is a charge unit that will do a controlled charge and not burn up your batteries.

    2. At 10 amps output it will do a good job of a recovery charge.

    3. The circuit board has 4 pots that can allow you to tune the charger.

    4. Hook up two 12volt batteries in series and give this a test but only if you have a volt meter to monitor the output voltage as the panel meter needle is missing. This will tell you haow much it tapers down and combined with the Amp meter you should tell how well it functions.

    Critical circuits curcit breaker box.

    First select what these are.

    Second you will need some type of buss transfer for the voltage supply to this circuit box.

    I would suggest you obtain some qualified help in this install.
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    HK_User A Productive Monkey is a Happy Monkey does not list your charger, but they do have contact information and they do make a model that is identical in input and output so I believe yours has been replaced in their line up.

    I suggest you cruise their information as a source of "getting to know" what you're into. Yes they are GENERATORS but replace Generator with Solar Back Up. Just a way to see how systems workl like transfer switches, sizing etc.
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    I would suggest that you make a trip over to, in their Generac Forum, and as the Resident SmartGuys, over there, if one has the Manual for the Unit. Likely one of them will, and can send you a copy. This is a very common "Constant Voltage Battery Charger" type unit, that certainly will maintain, any 24 Vdc WetCell Battery Bank. These are typically used to maintain Starting Batteries for Big Diesel Backup Gensets, that live in Critical Power Installations. (Hospitals, Power Plants, etc)
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    A guy I go to church with just hooked me up with a 24v inverter.The company he works for ordered some machinery from Germany. They had the machine wired for 220 to 24 volt batteries then from 24volt batteries to this inverter to 110, since 110 is standard in the USA they were able to take that stuff off the machine. He gave me the inverter a 1000/24 Xantrex and is also getting the batteries for me. He has 20 12v 7 amp hour gel cell batteries. This should get me going so i can at least run my heater, water pump and fridge when the electric is off. Now i need to get some panels so i can run on solar.

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    BT, thanks for the link--have an old military genset that has been cannibalized. Wish you good hunting on your Generac control panel.
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