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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by Seacowboys, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    I have a couple of take-outs from our tugs that are running. One is a 50KW and the other is 30KW, both have 371 Detroit engines. These were keel-cooled and will have to have radiators or some other means of cooling devised but they will power an entire house complete with central air and heat for about 1.5 gph.
    dirt bike
    7.62, .45 acp, .30 carbine, 5,56, .22, 7mm weatherby, .30-06, .38, .357, 9mm, .44 mag., 12 ga. ammo or reloading equipment/supplies
    gun parts
    bulk foods
    knives or swords
    masonary or carpentry work
    or whatever
  2. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member

    Located where, generally.....

    What rpm does they run ?

    Hours on them, general condition.....

    Single phase or 3 phase ?

    PM me with exactly what you want in trade or cash.


  3. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Mobile, Alabama. They put out 3-phase 440 and turn 60hrtz at around 1800 rpm. The 50kw lugs the engine down when heavily loaded; it really needs a bigger engine. That was the biggest reason I swapped them out. The kabelcos I replaced them with are a lot quieter too. They've got a lot of hours on them but still have some life; the engines don't use a lot of oil or smoke. I think the 50KW was fairly new, just put in to replace a burned out one on the same engine. I've got offers of $1200.00 for each of them but don't really have much use for money when a trade is in the air.
  4. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    I don't have anything that I would want to trade. But if you change your mind I would trade some FRN's for that 50kw.
  5. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member

    Can the 50kw put be tapped for 120v single phase as well, or is 440v the only option ?
  6. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    The quick answer is yes, and for 220 as well. But (of course) there are some things that would need doing, like transformers and load balancing. 50KW is more than a normal home could possibly use. More suitable for a neighborhood, methinks.:eek:
  7. BigUglyOne

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    Think about it ... It's the equivalent of 500 - 100 watt lightbulbs - that's a lota juice
  8. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Yup, 'tis. It would be instructive to know if it is 50KW at unity power factor. If it isn't unity, then add a few more bulbs --.[booze]
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