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    On some of the other forums where i lurk there are lots of folks talking about caches... renting storage containers, or using the SF caching hand book to store items... i was wondering about using Geo caching to llcate caches and pass info to others on cache locations...

    Seems to me you could arrange for caches to be pre prepositioned and a set of coordinates that could be encrypted could be passed on to others in your group...

    in the past there was some discussion on cacheing preps ofr other monkeys... would a geo caching process be usabale?

    you only need a GPS and a shovel... ( unless theres EMP)

    your thoughts?
  2. BTPost

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    In theory, it would work, but in practice, you would need to keep OPSec in mind, when deciding WHO, and WHEN, to release the location Data, as well as the Encryption Keys, would also be needed to kept within the OPSec requirements, and everything Archived, in MORE than two places, or risk the loss of the Data to Storage failures.
  3. Dubs Chops

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    Seems like a lot of Data security problems. If that part could be figured out it would seem like a VERY positive resource to have in your survival library.
  4. Huntinbull

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    I can understand caching materials and items of use at locations other than the homestead. Several reasons for this practice exist. I guess being that I (and my immed family, wife and daughter) am not part of a group of preparers, having to protect or share the info has never occurred to me. I know where my stashes are. I know how to get to them and away from them without drawing attention to their existence. Never thought to share that info. Never talked about prep with any family or friends and not received "those" looks.
  5. BTPost

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    Yea, that can be an issue.... Who is trusted, and who is not.... and is there enough to share with others, in the first place.... Also can the immed family, wife and daughter, also find and use, your cache sites, if you were incapacitated, or away from home, when things go south, and the goods were needed. Can they use a GPS, to get within sight distance of the cache? these are all interesting questions that need to be considered, even in a family based cache system. ..... YMMV....
  6. Pax Mentis

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    I hesitate to rely upon GPS sats being functional after SHTF...

    Seems to me that is dependent on what particular method is used to get the feces to the blades...
  7. ghrit

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    GPS is almost a toy, but surely a convenience IF the satellites remain accessible to civilians. (They can be switched off.) There is no substitute for chart and compass navigation. None. Dot gov is not going to move the magnetic poles, but you'll need charts that are close to current for any real accuracy. Further, GPS can tell you which way to go, but does not show that hill you have to get around in the fog and storm where the USGS charts will. One tool that will be useful is a split image rangefinder (that doesn't depend on batteries) when it comes to figuring how far it is to the next landmark on your course plot.
  8. Sapper John

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    I prefer military (1:10,000) grid style maps...once a person learns to use them with a compass and protractor they can easily plot a 10 or 12 digit grid coordinate that will get them within 10 meters or 1 meter batteries required...
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  9. beast

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    compass, sextant and chrono, theres your most reliable GPS
  10. ghrit

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    I would argue the need or desire for a sextant on land. Setting up an artificial horizon is not readily done without carrying the hardware. (Lewis and Clark had a flask of mercury and an iron pan for that.) Of course, an artificial horizon can be made in a number of different ways. Chronometer, well, maybe. Now, on water, you can peg your current location well enough with those tools but you still need a chart to tell what course to set so you don't miss the next island. For me, on land, I'll settle for the compass and chart and not carry the other instruments.

    We don't need no steenkeen GPS.

  11. Brokor

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    I like my GPS so much, I decided to take out my map and compass every time I had it along with me on hikes. It's hard to trust or even use this equipment --most times it doesn't even sync with the satellites and I am forced to either climb a ridge to a place where I can receive signal, or take out the map and ignore the expensive tool in my hands. Yeah, I will always rely upon the map and compass first, no doubt about it.

    I use a Garmin GPS 76 for those wondering. When it works, it's a lot of fun...
    One of the biggest features of the GPS 76 is that it can receive WAAS signals for increased accuracy. WAAS stands for Wide Area Augmentation System and I believe was set up by the FAA to increase accuracy for aircraft based GPS landing systems. These are land-based signals that augment the space-based signals that the GPS unit is receiving, ultimately resulting in increased accuracy for your location. -link- *This still doesn't help when you are in a 300 foot ravine* If you are able to receive a WAAS signal (which are not available everywhere in the country), the GPS 76 can theoretically provide sub-3 meter accuracy (that’s about 9 feet). Without the WAAS signal, the unit generally averages about 15 foot accuracy.
  12. chelloveck

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    A treasure Map Me Hearties!!!

    An encrypted Long John Silver type treasure map, a compass and a talking parrot for encryption key retrieval.....the retrieval system will probably only work if the encryption key is..."Pieces of Eight"!

    I would probably use a map and compass......with back bearings to a location from three widely dispersed prominent points or some similar technique. The prominent marks should be objects that are unlikely to be altered by human or natural causes.
  13. thebastidge

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    GPS is very useful for mapping waypoints. If nothing else, you can then makr them on your paper maps for later refernce. I use GPS even when I am looking at real estate. Since I am stilllooking for my homestead location, when I find an interesting feature on acreage, I mark it.
  14. Hispeedal2

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    I use the digital and analog in this case.

    When it comes to your area, you should know the geography well enough that you can use the sun, walk a LOB, and pop out really damn close to where you want. Scour Google Earth and get to know your area.

    All of this is extremely important to teach your kids. I used to practice local geography with my daughter when we drove across the valley to the range in AZ...
    "What's the name of that peak?"
    "Where is North?"
    "What direction is (insert city)?"
    "Point to Mexico."
    "If you needed water, where would you go?"

    Good thread. As for geo-caching, I think I am going to introduce my daughter to the sport. By doing that and bringing a map, I could teach her more advanced map and compass techniques by taking away to GPS. If, after trying hard near the location of the cache, she can't find it... I will hand her back the GPS. The added benefits are- its fun, exercise, and experience tromping around in the woods.

    To analog geo-cache, use the old pirate map method off of a major terrain feature or man made feature. Using both 10 digit grids and the pirate method ensures finding it later.

    I like land nav. Little known fact- I was an Orienteering team captain in high school my senior year. Geeky... yes. I love running and the woods, so it made sense. Learned a lot in those years.
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