GEORGE CARLIN "They OWN you" for Broker ;)

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    Made me think of you Broker. scary stuff.
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    Oh yes. I've had this entire act of Carlin's embedded in my mind for years. I miss that old crazy man. :(
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    Compartmentalization (intelligence)

    Compartmentalization (intelligence) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "When this was going on, I had absolutely no idea what was going on in the rest of the military intelligence, the rest of our government. Everything is so compartmentalized that you don’t really know necessarily what the person next to you is doing, let alone in a different room in a different building in a different location. And so, it really wasn’t until the New York Times piece came out about the NSA’s domestic wiretapping that I really began to think about what we were doing and my mission and that we were collecting on Americans. And we were doing so for the flimsiest of reasons."


    The concept often rendered by those who attempt to bite off and chew the entire subject in one gulp, is that there's no way EVERYBODY can be in on what's going on. These people ignore the very simple concept because to them it MUST be difficult, or else how could these horrible events keep happening? It's a trick their own minds play, to assign a construct of difficulty to a simple and proven technique --and this is where the genius is implied. All that is needed, are a few key players in several strategic organizations to promote from within and use compartmentalization (not the function of the mind) to manage information. The rest of the contributors are, in most cases very GOOD PEOPLE who actually believe they are performing their jobs faithfully, but as is often the case, are unwittingly supporting a very corrupt system and series of policies. So, there is no massive worldwide conspiracy comprised of millions of willing servants who knowingly assist in manufactured terror. This is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. The actual truth is very simple, too simple for some to even grasp. And perhaps this is the reason why too many people find it easy to claim everything NOT promoted by the corporate establishment is simply a "conspiracy theory".
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    When I explained it in roughly this fashion to the missus, she understood perfectly. It's absolutely true, and actually, more productive to the endstate that it isn't a massive army of people dedicated to a nefarious goal. Just a few who know where it is all headed, framing it in a way that engenders dedication amongst those in their employ (e.g: FBI lead agent: "Lock down this area of the city, for the safety of the public" Police Chief: "okay! for public safety? no problem!"). Otherwise, they would have to deal with dissent amongst some of the workerbees.

    This is what we're going to have to combat in the military. All the order-followers are in it for the various causes that sound just. I know, because I was one who believed the Iraq-WMD story and vehemently defended it when we invaded.
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    But, But, But, Beano.... The MSM lied about NOT finding WMDs in Iraq.... If an IED made out of a Pressure Cooker, used in the Boston Marathon Bombing, is NOW, a WMD, as Charged by the Federal Prosecutor, in Boston, this Morning.... All our Troops, and civilian Contractors, in Iraq, must have been Deaf, Dumb, and Blind, to NOT have found any of these things, after the Invasion of Iraq..... So which is it, Mr. Prez..... Either they ARE, OR they are NOT, WMDs.... Inquiring Minds, Want to Know? OR, Is this another CASE of REDEFINING Words, to suit a Political Agenda, like Marriage, and what constitutes Marriage..... One thing I HATE is Hypocrisy.... especially in Politicos.....
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    @Brokor....mind if I use your second paragraph elsewhere?
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    Any time you like. I don't think it's that great, personally. :)
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    Don't sell yourself short man! lol
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