George Lopez - Find Every Mexican Available

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, May 20, 2010.

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    The argument that Mexicans will do jobs no US citizen wants is bogus. No US citizen wants to do it for the price a Mexican will do it for.

    Remove all of the illegal Mexicans and employers would have to pay more to get the work done. Yes, that would make some things cost me more, but not as much as the illegal immigration is costing me in other ways.

    This guy says that Mexicans are rebuilding New Orleans. I don't know if he meant illegals. I can tell you that millions of US citizens would love to have jobs rebuilding New Orleans. I can tell you that many US contractors are broke - the ones who do things legally.

    FEMA hires work done and the contractors they hire then hire illegals. The low bidder wins but the US loses.

    One more thing that has nothing to do with illegal immigration. Remove the welfare, foods stamps etc. from US citizens and watch them be willing to take a job at low pay.

    We're all screwed up...
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    I've probably hired illegals. I don't care.

    Not for my business because my business is technical and frankly - they're not.

    But around the house and properties for odd jobs, fixing up, landscaping etc. I don't ask, and they don't tell.

    IMO we're just too far gone to take a "protest" stand against it. Sorry, but that's all it is. Any contractor who insists on following the law is only p*ssing in the ocean against their own interests.

    It should now be apparent that the real policy of our government is to let them in and let them partake. That's what our politicians are doing, I'm paying for all their programs, damned if I'm not going to at least take advantage of some cheap labor. My protest boycott will do nothing. My vote will do little more.

    I'm sorry that this country has come to this, but it has. We're in strange times.

    Ok, donning flameproof suit...
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    fema: "find every mexican available!" laugh out loudl!
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    In LA a contractor payed wages high enough that legal workers would want the jobs. But the legal workers wouldn't stay on the jobs because they were really hard work in the heat of summer. the alien invaderswere the only workers who would work in that heat and work that hard.
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